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Family Guy To Air Extended Episode With Limited Commercials

Prepare for some freakin' sweet news.

According to Deadline, FOX announced it will air the first-ever extended-length episode of Family Guy with limited commercial interruptions this spring. The reveal was made during the TCA winter press tour.

The episode, "Send in Stewie, Please," will obviously be Stewie-centric and it'll also feature a guest appearance by Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings). In the episode, Stewie gets sent to the office of his school's child psychologist, Dr. Cecil Pritchfield (McKellen), after he pushes a classmate. During the session, Stewie makes a number of personal revelations about himself. The episode will air March 11.

"One of our writers, Gary Janetti, who wrote the episode, also wrote the BBC series Vicious that starred... Sir Ian McKellen," executive producer Alec Sulkin told Entertainment Weekly. "That's how we were lucky enough to get him." Check out McKellen's character below.

The news comes just as FOX preps the milestone 300th episode of Family Guy, now in its 16th season. That episode, "Dog Bites Bear," is set to air on Jan. 14.