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New Winchester Trailer Unleashes The Horrors Of A Mystery House

One of the world's most famous haunted houses is ready for its close-up.

Winchester, based on the story of the Winchester Mystery House, focuses on Sarah Winchester, the wealthy heir to a rifle company. According to folklore, Winchester as an older woman in the latter 1800s believed herself to be haunted by the victims of the rifles her family made, and commissioned a vast and labyrinthine mansion to be built in San Jose, California to protect herself from vengeful spirits. If this trailer is to be believed, the gambit didn't quite work—at least not right away.

The real Sarah Winchester was certainly eccentric, but reports of her demon-haunted motivations for building the house were fueled by tabloids more than by statements from Sarah herself. But since that's no fun, Winchester is choosing to print the legend, giving her weirdness a powerful motivation—the undeniable presence of freakin' ghosts in the freakin' walls, the violent, Poltergeist type of ghosts that fling around furniture, possess children, and make the dang walls bleed.

The movie stars Academy Award winner Helen Mirren as Winchester, and co-stars Jason Clarke as a doctor who comes to check on Sarah at her home. Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson, Eamon Farren, and Laura Brent will also appear.

Winchester is directed by Peter and Michael Spierig, an Australian filmmaking duo who previously directed Daybreakers and recently revived the Saw franchise with 2017's Jigsaw. They also wrote the script for the movie along with Tom Vaughan.

Winchester (previously subtitled The House That Ghosts Built) is set for release on February 2. Check out the full trailer above, and the first, slightly more sedate teaser for the movie here.