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Elizabeth Olsen Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Those House Of The Dragon Casting Rumors

It seems when one has reality-warping powers and the ability to traverse the vast multiverse, it is only natural that people will soon believe that said inter-dimensional traveler will make an appearance in HBO's "Game of Thrones" spin-off "House of the Dragon." Joking aside, Elizabeth Olsen is probably best known for her role as Wanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who has flipped from a villain, to an Avenger, and back to villainy. Again, this is probably a warning against unchecked grief combined with superpowers, and woe to the person who stands up to Wanda and her immensely powerful alter ego, the Scarlet Witch.

Considering the popularity of both Olsen and "House of the Dragon — and how people enjoy wild speculation — it makes sense as to why people might believe Olsen is joining the cast of the sword-and-sorcery series. As reported by Cosmic Book News in early September 2022, there was a rumor that said not only is Olsen joining the cast of "House of the Dragon" in Season 2, but Henry Cavill is as well. This rumor must have reached Olsen herself, as she has finally responded to it and her answer should sweep away any doubt.

Olsen is not joining House of the Dragon, but wouldn't mind doing so

Although "House of the Dragon" and its predecessor show of "Game of Thrones" certainly knows a thing or two about red-themed witches, it seems as if Elizabeth Olsen is not joining the cast in Season 2. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Olsen attacked these rumors head-on by saying, "I don't know how things, like rumors like that, get started, and then people think they're legitimate." She added, "Dream casting is fun, yeah, but I heard it was, like, announced though, which is weirder."

She later left the door open should the casting department of "House of the Dragon" come calling, and stated, "I mean, sure, yeah. [I'd like do to] anything that's worth telling, that's a good story, that's innovative, that's great great characters." This, of course, means that all of those rumors surrounding Olsen lending her talents to "House of the Dragon" are completely unfounded at this point. Still, it is fun to speculate what an Olsen character would look like in "House of the Dragon," as she does have some familiarity with magic and erratic decisions.