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Nancy Drew Season 4 - What We Know So Far

Over the years, the CW has cultivated a particular brand home to vampires, superheroes, and teen drama. Most recently, the network has been known for the genuinely escapist and brilliant fever dream that is "Riverdale." The once straightforward mystery show has exceeded everyone's wildest dreams and become equally baffling and entertaining as it leans heavily into the supernatural. Shows like this have laid the groundwork for other moody shows of its kind, such as "Nancy Drew."

The series also starts as a mystery show based on familiar characters who were given a dark makeover. Supernatural elements have been part of the series' bones as young detective Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) encounters hauntings and specters in her bid to find out the truth about Lucy Sable's gruesome death. "Nancy Drew" has been going on strong for three seasons and thankfully avoided the infamous CW purge that devastated fans of "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "Legacies." The series seems to be safe from cancellation, meaning there is just more excitement on the horizon for Season 4.

When will Nancy Drew Season 4 be released?

Fans of many CW series this season have been disappointed. Television shows with supernatural leanings were axed by the network in what was described as a calculated decision (via Deadline). Luckily for viewers of the mystery series, "Nancy Drew" still has some life in it. With the renewal announcement occurring in March, many may be wondering when they can expect Nancy to be back in action. Some series have release dates for late 2022, but "Nancy Drew" has not been as lucky.

According to Kennedy McMann's Twitter, filming started in July, making it unlikely that Nancy and Ace will be reunited this year. Viewers will have to wait for 2023 to see the Drew Crew take on new cases in the haunted town of Horseshoe Bay. Instead, "Nancy Drew" will join the likes of "Riverdale" and "Superman & Lois" for a midseason premiere next year (per Us Magazine).

What is the plot of Nancy Drew Season 4?

After the conclusion of "Nancy Drew" Season 3, there is one question that all fans want to know. What will happen with Nancy and Ace (Alex Saxon)? After many seasons of a slow-burn romance, it seemed that the two would finally be able to embark on a romantic relationship. But the ending of Season 3 threw a wrench into any romantic future between the two by antagonist Temperance (Olivia Taylor Dudley). Before she is defeated, Temperance curses Nancy and Ace so they can never be together. Heartbroken at this turn of events, Nancy runs from a perplexed Ace, who is unaware that his life would be in danger if he and Nancy ever got together. This heart-wrenching cliffhanger is something that the showrunners promise will be addressed.

"We definitely will pick up with Ace wanting to know why Nancy ran out of his apartment like that," Melinda Hsu Taylor told Entertainment Weekly. "His question to her, 'Are you in trouble?' is going to be the thing on his mind [...] when we start Season 4."

Now that Nancy has officially started her investigation business, fans can also expect a return to basics. Co-showrunner Noga Landau stated that in addition to romantic tension, Season 4 will all be about the mystery: "What's going to be fun about Season 4 is we're very consciously returning to our roots, putting Nancy back in a graveyard with her beanie and her flashlight."

Who is starring in Nancy Drew Season 4?

As the namesake for the CW series and the highly influential series of mystery books, there would be no Horseshoe Bay without Nancy Drew. And thanks to Nancy's efforts at the end of Season 3, the town was saved from Temperance's calamity. After the witch intends to destroy the entire town of Horseshoe Bay, Nancy defeats Temperance and goes on to fight another day. Nancy will continue to solve crimes in Season 4 after opening her own investigatory business named after herself. Though she is on her own in her new business venture, Kennedy McMann confirmed for Collider that the rest of the Drew Crew would also return in the upcoming season. But this time with different jobs as they enter adulthood.

"From a career perspective even, they're all starting their official adult lives in a lot of ways. They've moved out of their parents' houses if they lived there before," McMann reported. "Nancy's opened her investigator business. George is studying law. Bess is the new Keeper of the Historical Society. Nick is sorta figuring out where he stands with everything now that Nick and George are broken up. Ace just started working at the morgue." 

Though separate for the time being, Bess (Maddison Jaizani), George (Leah Lewis), Nick (Tunji Kasim), and Ace are all slated to return for Season 4. Fans can also expect the return of Carson (Scott Wolf) and Jean (Erica Cerra), according to TV Insider.

Who are the showrunners for Nancy Drew Season 4?

"Nancy Drew" started with a pedigree that any teen drama would wish for. After successes with "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl," Deadline reported that "Nancy Drew" would be developed by none other than dream team Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. Schwartz was the youngest showrunner at the time when he created "The O.C." at 26 years old (via The Wall Street Journal). Schwartz and Savage's involvement made "Nancy Drew" an easy sell, but the mind behind the series is writer Noga Landau. 

In addition to pitching and writing the first episode, Landau acknowledged to Entertainment Weekly that it was her idea that Nancy's first mystery would be the one about her parentage. Since then, she has assumed showrunning duties alongside executive producer Melinda Hsu Taylor. Taylor is an experienced writer in fantasy series with credits including "Lost" as well as "The Vampire Diaries" (via IMDb). Landau and Taylor's sharing showrunning duties has been part of the show's DNA since its inception and will continue into Season 4. From the first mystery about Lucy Sable's death to the increasing supernatural presence in Horseshoe Bay, they can be thanked for the series' specific tone and surprising twists.

Will Season 4 be the final season of Nancy Drew?

While the cast and crew of "Nancy Drew" was in the midst of filming its fourth season in October 2022, Deadline reported that The CW had decided to make this batch of episodes the last it would order, effectively canceling the series in advance of what will be its final season. Sources in the know said that the cancellation had long been on the table, with negotiations beginning before The CW was sold to Nexstar Media Group (via Deadline). The idea to end now likely relates to the new owners looking to cut costs, and as older shows cost more to produce, Nexstar doesn't have a lot of veteran series left on The CW.

The advance notice at least gives "Nancy Drew" creators a chance to write and shoot a proper and conclusive series finale. "We are so honored and proud to have brought Nancy Drew's iconic determination, individuality, and resilience to life in a years-long collaboration with incredible creative talents in front of the camera, behind the scenes, and among our studio and network partners," showrunners Noga Landau and Melinda Hsu Taylor said in a statement. "Season 4 will be a worthy and resonant payoff for their continued love and support."

Where to watch previous seasons of Nancy Drew

Before Season 4 charges full steam ahead in 2023, fans may want to refresh themselves on all the twists and turns that "Nancy Drew" offers. With three seasons of content, there are more than enough streaming hours to fill viewers' time before the season premiere. Though Netflix has often been the home base for CW content such as "Riverdale" and "Supernatural," "Nancy Drew" will not be found there. The YA drama shares the home with prestige dramas such as "House of the Dragon" and "The White Lotus." Viewers can stream the first three seasons of "Nancy Drew" as long as they have an HBO Max subscription.

But if you haven't shelled out for the streaming platform, all is not lost. There is still a chance to watch "Nancy Drew" for free, even if you don't have a cable subscription. Every episode of Season 3 is available to watch for a limited time on The CW's website. But fans at the show should hurry because once the offer expires, only the last five episodes will be available to watch.