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Disjointed Rolls Up A New Trailer For Its Next 10 Episodes

Anybody else smell something? 

Disjointed, the Netflix-based marijuana dispensary sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum, is coming back with 10 new episodes on January 12, and you can check out the trailer for the new installment of the series now.

The trailer finds Ruth's Alternative Caring back in business following a shutdown by the DEA, and proceeds to unfurl a hallucinatory tease of the series' second part. From the look of things, viewers can expect elaborate 420 celebrations, serious couch-lock, animated segments and a heavy dose of other delirium on offer for the new year. 

The series, which focuses on Kathy Bates' Ruth as the owner and proprietor of a bustling bud shop in Southern California, launched its first 10 episodes on Netflix on August 25.

In addition to Kathy Bates in the lead, Disjointed stars Aaron Moten, Tone Bell, Dougie Baldwin, Elizabeth Ho, Betsy Sodaro, Elizabeth Alderfer, Chris Redd, and Nicole Sullivan. 

Check out the psychedelic trailer for the new episodes above.