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Susan Sarandon's Future On Monarch Revealed By Executive Producer

This article contains spoilers for "Monarch."

It's not uncommon for country music to explore the dark side of the human condition. With lyrics about heartache, longing, and other unpleasant topics often informing the songs, listening to country jams can be an emotional experience, to say the least. That said, few things tap into the dark heart of the country lifestyle quite like "Monarch,"

While the Fox drama certainly focuses on the musical element of the music industry, it's not the main issue. The series follows a family of country musicians who've dominated the country music industry for years, creating a beloved dynasty in the process. But the family members aren't as clean-cut as their public personas suggest, as their personal lives are rocked by lies, secrets, and tragedies.

Unfortunately, one of the show's biggest tragedies thus far pertains to Dottie Cantrell Roman (Susan Sarandon). The character was killed off at the end of Episode 2 and was subsequently treated to a live-streamed funeral that featured a hologram. It's pretty clear that the character is dead, but will she return to the series?

Susan Sarandon's character is dead, but she will return to Monarch

Dottie is dead and she won't return from the grave as a zombie or ghost. However, that doesn't mean that "Monarch" fans have seen the last of her. Susan Sarandon is scheduled to appear in more episodes of the Fox drama, and one of the show's executive producers revealed their plans for her character during a recent interview.

"We keep her alive throughout the series in flashbacks," Josh Feldman told TV Line. "She certainly looms large over the show. She appears in subsequent episodes over the course of the season. Even though she's technically not with us, she's very much a part of the show."

While it'd be better to have Dottie alive and well, flashback sequences are better than nothing. Furthermore, the cast of "Monarch" had a blast working with Sarandon. During the aforementioned interview, her co-star Anna Friel explained that it was a dream to hang out with the performer, describing her as "magnificent, charming, eloquent, funny, sexy, warm, and smart."