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Law & Order Star Mehcad Brooks Has An Interesting Response To John Oliver's Criticism

John Oliver set his sights on the Dick Wolf universe in one of his recent "Last Week Tonight" episodes, where he went after the different "Law & Order" series. The talk show host vented about the popular procedurals, citing that they all make cops look like the good guys and that most of the people convicted of crimes on the shows are white when that's not reality. Oliver additionally noted that "Law & Order" programs make all cops look competent, which he feels is not the case in America. Of course, the comedian admitted depicting the system how it is in the real world will not keep viewers tuning in, and Wolf knows very well what fans of his series want. 

Basically, Oliver doesn't believe the "Law & Order" series represent reality in law enforcement and are hero-washed versions of the truth. While some of the biggest names attached to those shows haven't spoken out about Oliver's comments yet — like Mariska Hargitay or Christopher Meloni — one newcomer to the franchise wasn't shy about addressing the situation in a recent interview. Mehcad Brooks just joined the mothership "Law & Order" series as a new detective in Season 22 and gave a little bit of pushback to Oliver's recent rant. 

Mehcad Brooks wants to be a part of the solution

"Supergirl" alum Mehcad Brooks plays Detective Jalen Shaw in Season 22 of "Law & Order" and will be the new partner of Frank Cosgrove (Jeffrey Donovan). The first episode of the Fall 2022 season saw Shaw join the homicide department, and he participated in a ruthless investigation that got physical at times. Brooks recently sat down with The Wrap, and the outlet brought up John Oliver's recent comments about "Law & Order." The Wrap inquired if the comedian's words gave him pause about joining the franchise. "I don't think anybody has had more experience in understanding the reality of what police brutality can do to us, to your person, your consciousness, your psyche, and your family," Brooks said. "I'm not saying I'm the poster boy for that, but I definitely do understand it from my lived experience. My first violent interaction with police, I was 7 years old."

Outside of the "Last Week Tonight" segment, Brooks said he thought about what it meant to join the series in the state the country is in today. He rhetorically asked if it was better to complain about a problem or get inside the situation and help be a part of the solution. "African American people are not against police. We're against police brutality. And if you can't divorce those two things, then perhaps you're the problem," the actor added.