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Netflix's Onimusha - What We Know So Far

Netflix just teased a new original anime, "Onimusha," to be based on the ongoing Capcom video game series of the same name. Although its existence was announced during the Netflix Tudum (a streamed media announcement event similar to the Nintendo Direct) the studio took to its Twitter account, Netflix Anime, after the buzz died down to share a handful of images that depicted some of the character designs and the 3D CGI style that fans could come to expect. 

To be blunt, there's precious little information currently available about this particular project. As of this writing, it seems as if Netflix is content to dangle the carrot indefinitely. Besides, it's not as if there aren't enough projects coming down the Netflix pipeline in the meantime — according to Netflix Life, at least 120 different projects were announced or otherwise discussed. With that all in place, here's everything we know so far about "Onimusha." 

Who's in the cast and crew of Netflix's Onimusha?

The creative team behind "Onimusha" is mostly shrouded in an unconfirmed fog. As of this writing, the anime doesn't even have an IMDb page for the curious to snoop around and complain about how little there is to go on. As far as the cast goes, there's quite literally nothing. We do, however, have a little that we can share. The "Onimusha" anime was created by Takashi Miike and Shinya Sugai, the latter of which works for Sublimation, the animation studio which will handle the visuals for Netflix's adaptation. 

Miike, for his part, will direct. As noted by Destructoid, Miike is known for his graphically violent filmography, which includes "Dead or Alive" and "Ichi the Killer." As "Onimusha" is an action-based video game where the main character has to hack and slash his way through most problems, the pairing between the project and the director feels fitting. 

What's the plot of Netflix's Onimusha?

In broad strokes, the story will supposedly follow an aged Musashi Miyamoto as he does battle against a demon race called the Genma. For clarity, Musashi Miyamoto is not a figure drawn from the "Onimusha" games but rather from history. He's a Japanese swordsman whose journeys became a legend in their own right. This doesn't inherently mean that the anime will ignore the video game, mainly because the game series also drew from Japanese history to create plots.

As for the Genma, they're more familiar to the "Onimusha" games. These demons appear in many forms across the different stories in the series — some of them are man-made, some are naturally occurring monstrosities, and all of them are bad news. 

To say anything further would be to stray entirely into the realm of speculation. What's important, for now, is that we have a protagonist, a malevolent force, and a team ready to begin full production, whenever that might be. Until then, here are some of the best anime that Netflix has to offer.