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Stranger Things' Sadie Sink Has The Most Unexpected Mentor In The Industry

Sadie Sink is perhaps best known for her role on "Stranger Things" as Max Mayfield, a smart and spunky teenager who moves with her family to Hawkins, Indiana, in Season 2 of the show and becomes friends with the core group of characters. Using her wits, her toughness, and her ability to influence others, Max helps the group solve supernatural mysteries and battle the forces haunting the town. In addition to her role in "Stranger Things," Sink also played Ziggy Berman in the "Fear Street" trilogy, which, like "Stranger Things," is part of the horror genre and explores different historical decades. 

Of course, Sink's acting talents are not exclusively confined to the horror genre. The 20-year-old began acting in local theater at the age of seven, which led to Broadway shows like Annie (via Fashion Magazine), and finally some smaller film and TV roles before landing "Stranger Things," where she first appeared in 2017. 

It is always helpful for young people entering a specific profession to find mentors to help them navigate that professional industry. No matter how much growing up in the film industry is glamorized, it is most likely a very difficult journey. This makes finding a mentor all the more important. Luckily for Sink, she found a great one. 

Sadie Sink found a mentor in Taylor Swift

In her interview with Fashion Magazine, Sadie Sink revealed that she found a mentor in singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. In addition to her roles in "Stranger Things" and the "Fear Street" films, Sink starred in Taylor Swift's short film "All Too Well." Regarding Swift, Sink said, "I'm so grateful that she was able to give me such good advice in terms of navigating the industry as a young woman and about life in general." It seems that Sink learned a lot from working with Swift as well as from having conversations with her. 

In addition to being a mentor, it seems that Swift is also a role model for the young actress. "As a director, she's just as amazing as you'd think she would be," Sink added. "She is a powerhouse and can do anything she puts her mind to." Based on these comments, it is clear that Sink feels a deep admiration for Swift and her projects. 

It will be interesting to see what types of collaborations the two might work on in the future. Although Taylor Swift is a pop star, her music video for "Blank Space" certainly suggests she could have an aptitude for horror.