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The Boys' Season 3 Blooper Reel Gives Us The Best Version Of Homelander And Soldier Boy's Fight

Amazon Prime Video's "The Boys" has just become an even bigger hit. In its 3rd season, the superhero satire dramatically increased the size of its cultural footprint, going from a niche favorite among comic book fans to the sort of series that spawns numerous TikTok trends and classic memes. It's a feat all the more impressive when considering this same series showcases uncomfortable political commentary alongside overly grotesque, often sexual sequences of violence.

Perhaps the only thing that can match the outrageous absurdity of "The Boys" is its very own blooper reel. Released on the streaming platform's YouTube channel, the roughly two-and-a-half-minute video showcases a number of unique goofs and gaffes — from Queen Maeve's actor's real scream to a surprise reminder that Antony Starr has a delightful New Zealand accent. One of the best parts of the supercut is inarguably the outtakes from the season's best fight, showing fans an amazing version of an intense grudge match.

Just two dudes brawling

Season 3's much-hyped 6th episode, "Herogasm," was prematurely touted as one of the grossest, most over-the-top pieces of television ever seen — in reality, it was relatively tame compared to the way Season 3 opened, as chronicled by this definitely NSFW article from Entertainment Weekly. The real highlight moment of the episode was Homelander's fight with his yet-to-be-revealed biological father, Soldier Boy. It was a matchup the entire season had been building up to, and seeing a "supe" finally beat the absolute doors off of Homelander was enjoyable to many (as seen on YouTube).

In the gag reel, however, fans actually get to see Homelander and Soldier Boy being way more casual. Witnessing an intense "hit" coming his way from Starr's Homelander, Soldier Boy actor Jensen Ackles remarks "oh s***" with an almost religious reverence. The two actors then start aggressively complimenting each other as the crew prepares for another take. It's hilarious to see these two men — dressed as comedically over-serious superheroes — just bro-ing around the wreckage. 

In a following clip, Starr can't help but laugh after his ridiculously star-spangled cape gets wrapped around his fist. In a show as tense as "The Boys," it's a little comforting to know that its stars were having fun on set.