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The Midnight Man Wants To Play A Game In New Trailer

They told you this was no game for kids...

A gang of teenagers goes up to the attic at grandma's house to play a creepy old game they found. Their only problem? The game's summoned a maniac—and if they don't play by his rules, he'll see them dead. Ain't that the way it always goes?

Starring A Nightmare on Elm Street's Robert Englund and Lin Shaye from InsidiousThe Midnight Man will focus its attention on the teens, doing battle with evil forces they can scarcely comprehend, with all their lives at stake.

Having started something they cannot easily stop, they become forced to play the game to the best of their abilities, following every arcane and made-up-sounding rule in an effort to beat the game and make it out with everyone alive.

B-horror as this is, there's something about the concept that really sings to us. It makes one think about sleepovers around Halloween, making up a bunch of rules for silly games to play with friends where, if you fail to meet a certain arbitrary condition, screaming Bloody Mary is supposed to crash in through the mirror and drag you into hell. And that's fun!

The Midnight Man is directed by Travis Zariwny, who previously directed the horror film Intruder and the 2016 remake of Cabin Fever. He also co-wrote the Midnight Man screenplay with Rob Kennedy.

In addition to Englund and Shaye, The Midnight Man also stars Gabrielle Haugh, Grayson Gabriel, Logan Creran, and Emily Haine.

The Midnight Man will be released on VOD and streaming on January 22, 2018.