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A Girl Goes On A Crime Spree In Psychedelic Trailer For Like Me

A lonely woman is on a quest for viral fame—no matter who she has to kill to do it.

Like Me is a twisted new drama film about a lonely young woman who embarks on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media for her viewers' approval, getting up to acts that are increasingly twisted and profane—for your pleasure.

The movie comes from the producers of Compliance and House of the Devil, two well-regarded psychological thriller and horror movies from recent years that notably succeeded in doing a lot with a little. Combine that pedigree with this bizarre and trippy trailer, and you certainly have our attention. 

Paper masks, cameras, doors within doors leading down to dark descents, first-person gunplay, sugary snacks, drugs and lights, sex swings and a nighttime beach—we're getting Spring Breakers by way of Gaspar Noé with this one, and if the sound of any of that means something to you, then you just have got to watch this trailer.

Like Me is written and directed by first-time-filmmaker Robert Mockler, with the story described in its official summary as "a twisted coming-of-age story about a young woman who sets out on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media." That sounds like a pretty cool premise even without the psychedelic style.

The cast for the indie feature includes Addison Timlin as the monstrous narcissist Kiya, performing alongside Ian Nelson, Larry Fessenden, and Jeremy Gardner.

Like Me has played theatrically at festivals over the course of 2017, with reviewers calling it high on character, style and concept while a little bit low on plot. Heather Wixon with the Daily Dead called Like Me "the most unpredictably wonderful movie-going experience," which—to credit the marketing team—is pretty much what's getting sold here.

Anyway, when a movie looks this stylish, how much story do you really need? 

Like Me will be released to select theaters for a brief run in January before being available for streaming and VOD in February.