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The Abbott Elementary Actor You Likely Forgot Appeared In An Episode Of Blue Bloods

Every successful mockumentary has arguably had one thing in common, great characters. The personas featured in the workplace activities and sidesplitting testimonial shots are most assuredly what keeps viewers coming back for more. "Abbott Elementary" has an incredibly talented lineup with fascinating work histories that help solidify the critically acclaimed ABC comedy (via Rotten Tomatoes) as a must-watch affair from start to finish.

There is no shortage of stellar players occupying a place on the roster for "Abbott Elementary." Quinta Brunson, who fans recall from "A Black Lady Sketch Show," leads the way as the series star Janine Teagues, while also serving as a writer and producer. Also in the mix is "Everybody Hates Chris" star Tyler James Williams as Gregory Eddie. There is also Melissa Schemmenti, played by Lisa Ann Walter, who some may recognize from the movie "The Parent Trap." Rounding out the bunch is Chris Perfetti as Jacob Hill, Emmy winner Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara Howard, and and Janelle James as fan-favorite Ava Coleman.

The remarkable cast has had a wide array of exciting experiences before making their way to "Abbott Elementary." Many fans might be shocked to learn what projects they have lent their talents to in the past. It's no secret there have been plenty of famous people popping up in "Blue Bloods" over the years, but some may not realize that one of the cast members from "Abbott Elementary" was also in an episode of the CBS crime drama.

Chris Perfetti played ADA Elliot Pinsky on Blue Bloods

Chris Perfetti, who plays Jacob Hill on "Abbott Elementary," also played ADA Elliot Pinsky in "Blue Bloods" Season 6, Episode 16 ("Help Me, Help You"). In the entry, ADA Elliot Pinsky informs Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) that Judge Wilson (Dakin Matthews) threw out a crucial piece of evidence in his first solo case. Erin, who knows the judge, believes Wilson's emotional state is affecting his work. She gets suspended before being reinstated for officially questioning the judge's actions, as her assertion was correct.

"Blue Bloods" is just one of the many credits Perfetti has been a part of, along with other notable titles, including "Crossbones," "In the Dark," and "The Resident" (via IMDb). He discussed what he has attained from his experiences in acting thus far with Gold Derby. "My experience of being an actor has largely been about becoming comfortable with things not working out," he said. "I think if any actor is going to survive a day, a week, you know, years in this business, you become very comfortable with people not understanding what you're doing or them understanding it and something out of left field tanking what you're doing for whatever reason. So it feels totally surreal, to be honest."

It would appear that Perfetti has learned a lot throughout his career. His education from his time on "Blue Bloods" and other previous endeavors makes him adequately prepared and very qualified to entertain audiences as one of the many hilarious characters on the award-winning series "Abbott Elementary."