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Gerard Butler Leads Bad Cops Vs. Bank Robbers In Den Of Thieves Trailer

It's a classic tale of cops vs. robbers in Gerard Butler's Den of Thieves, but as the trailer makes clear, there are no heroes in this fight. 

Butler stars in the action-thriller as "Big Nick" Flanagan, a bad cop who loves being a bad cop and wants everyone to know it. "Do we look like the types who arrest you?" he snarls in the trailer before emptying a magazine at a target. "You are not the bad guys," he says. "We are." Basically, it's a good thing his character has some bank robbers to deal with. Could you imagine if they made this guy a school resource officer?

Together with his team of trigger-happy police officers and a helpful collection of machine guns, Flanagan will try and stop the elite criminal team of Pablo Schreiber, O'Shea Jackson Jr., and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson before they can rob Los Angeles' Federal Reserve Bank.

Den of Thieves is directed by Christian Gudegast, who previously wrote the script for Butler's London Has Fallen. He also wrote the movie's screenplay with Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring. Cliff Martinez, known for the scores of DriveSolaris, Spring Breakers and The Neon Demon, will compose the music for the film.

It's thieves without fear vs. cops without limits, and no matter who wins, the property damage will be legendary. The bullets start flying on January 19, 2018.