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Duane Henry's Favorite NCIS Episode Might Surprise You

The cast of characters on "NCIS" includes Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents from many different backgrounds and disciplines. Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) is one such character, and although many of his compatriots are Americans, he actually hails from across the pond and got his start in MI6, which is a British intelligence agency.

Not only does Reeves have experience as an intelligence officer for a foreign power, his skills reflect the diverse repertoire needed to belong to the same agency as the world-famous character of James Bond. That means that he is proficient in firearms, computers, piloting, and all sorts of other impressive expertise needed to be an undercover agent. According to IMDb, Reeves appears in 46 episodes of "NCIS," where he uses his knowledge and charisma in the pursuit of justice. Recently, the actor was asked what his favorite episode of "NCIS" is, and his response definitely ties into the background history of his character.

Henry's favorite episode involves a kidnapped friend

In 2018, TVInsider had cast members of "NCIS" pick their favorite episodes. Season 15 must have been a hit with the actors because four chose an episode from this particular season. Both Wilmer Valderrama and Emily Wickersham picked the first episode of the season, "House Divided," while Maria Bello picked the fourth episode, "Skeleton Crew." Duane Henry also picked an episode from Season 15, and he chose the third episode, "Fake It 'Til You Make It," which involves two plots — one involving the kidnapping of one of Reeves's friends from Alcoholics Anonymous, and an embarrassing photo of McGee (Sean Murray) becoming a meme.

Henry told the publication that this is his favorite episode by saying, "We see Reeves at his most vulnerable here and how addiction can affect those around us." This makes sense, considering that the character of Reeves had an incredibly hard life growing up, and he tended to use alcohol as a means of dealing with the intense anxiety of working undercover. "Fake It 'Til You Make It" gives Henry a chance to flex his acting chops, while at the same time expanding on his character's history and motivation.

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