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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh Part 1 - What We Know So Far

"The Seven Deadly Sins" isn't Netflix's first exclusive anime (and they didn't make it, they're just the distributor with the rights to the English dub, sorry Crunchy Roll), but it's certainly one of Netflix's most popular ones. The series, which first dropped for English speaking audiences in 2014, has accrued five successful seasons and two equally successful films. The story, by and large, follows a team of magical knights, each of which represent one of the deadly sins of Roman Catholic theology, as they fight for what they believe in, which does not always align with the ideals of the government for which they technically function. Also, there's a talking pig who enjoys screaming just a little too much. 

The story of "The Seven Deadly Sins" is set to continue in "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1," a new CGI movie that, as the title implies, will not be the final entry into the story, either. Here's what we know so far. 

What's the release date for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh Part 1?

As noted by What's On Netflix and the teaser trailer, "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1" is currently set to release on December 20, 2022. We say "currently" because that is apparently the goal, but is not wholly confirmed and is subject to potential change. There's little else to say, other than that the plan is get this film out so there's no need to push back the (as noted by IGN, currently TBA) 2023 release date for "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 2."

This is, again, Netflix that we're talking about, a studio whose current relationship with scheduling is in drastic flux, so it's possible for all of the above information to be entirely undone at any given moment.  For all we know, they could postpone Part 1 until next year and then release Part 2 across five months in 20 minute segments. Who's to say?

Who's in the cast and crew of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh Part 1?

As of this writing, the English voice cast has yet to be officially confirmed and the IMDb page for this particular project is practically devoid of names. What's more, only a handful of performers have been confirmed for the Japanese voice cast. Yûki Kaji will be returning for the role of Meliodas, the Dragon Sin of Wrath, and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. Mikako Komatsu and Ayumu Murase will both voice Tristan Liones, the prince of the kingdom of Liones, a Holy Knight and one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse (animes do enjoy lengthy titles, don't they?) at various stages of his youth. 

Bob Shirohata serves as the director for the production, with Noriyuki Abe, who directed "The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky," serving as the supervising director, which just means that the studio is ensuring a smooth transition of artistic minds. Hopefully. 

What's the plot of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge Of Edinburgh Part 1?

The story will follow Tristan Liones, the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones (the three of which have so far been respectively voiced by Jeannie Tirado, Bryce Papenbrook, and Erika Harlacher in the English dub) as he struggles to balance the powers gifted to him by his parents. From Meliodas, he inherits the power of the Demon Clan and, from Elizabeth, he inherits the power of the Goddess Clan. In short, Tristan is literally and symbolically the balance of good and evil. "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1" will see him embark on an journey to Edinburgh Castle to save his family.

It's suggested that he will make some friends along the way, and that the film will most likely set up the anime's potential sixth season for a storyline in which Tristan becomes a member of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, an arc which the manga has already covered.