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The Law & Order 2022 Crossover Premiere Confirms What We Cynically Suspected About Bensler

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the "Law & Order" three-hour crossover event

There were a lot of expectations going into the three-hour crossover event for "Law & Order." This was a historic moment for the Dick Wolf franchise, as we've never seen three "Law & Order" series share the same story. Every major player from the three shows made an appearance, although a few were sadly minor (sorry, Ice-T). 

But going into the crossover, all eyes were on Bensler because... when are they not? The will they, won't they couple is being dangled in front of our faces, and despite their tense conversation in "Law & Order: Organized Crime" Season 1 regarding that letter, nothing has really happened since. There were rumblings something would happen for Bensler in the crossover, whether it be a kiss, a conversation, a dive in front of a bullet, or what have you. But "Law & Order" fans should know better by now that is just not how this works.

They're not ready to give us Bensler

There was not a wink, not a flirt, not a fight, not anything between Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) in the "Law & Order" Fall 2022 crossover event. Bensler fans are too familiar with the coupling tease, and we don't expect these two to come together anytime soon. We believe they will, but Dick Wolf and his showrunners have to take their sweet time because you need the viewers to stay glued.

The crossover event was also extremely tense (well, just the first two hours), and there wasn't even a second to waste on a Bensler romance moment as it was moving incredibly fast. Olivia and Elliot shared many of their scenes, but it was strictly business. There is one moment where Olivia holds her former partner back from a fight but also fiercely defends his actions simultaneously. It's good to see the duo still go to bat for one another after all these years.

"Law & Order: SVU" head writer Julie Martin told Today well before the crossover that they want to keep the question of a Bensler romance going for as long as possible, so everyone should have seen this coming. They have to keep us tuning in every week, as the risk of losing viewers after their coupling is too big a risk. But honestly, haven't we waited long enough? It's been 24 seasons; if you haven't lost us by now, you're not going to.