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The Character That Cobra Kai Fans Think Deserved Better In Season 4

Ever since teenage goons in skeleton suits jumped Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in "The Karate Kid," the stories in the Miyagi-verse have been about balance. Make sure you have a good defense before hitting back. Wax on and wax off. That said, even though the Netflix revival series "Cobra Kai" tries to find time for everyone, fans feel that, occasionally, some characters get the short end of the bo staff.

Given how many plots "Cobra Kai" juggles, there's not always space to give the fighters from different sides of the Valley equal amounts of screentime. Still, it was pretty surprising that one of the characters who helped make "Cobra Kai" such a phenomenon seemed to spend most of Season 4 on the bench. In fact, without this fan favorite, we may never have gotten "Cobra Kai" to begin with. Surely, they deserved better — didn't they?

Fans think that the Cobra Kai writers didn't know what to do with Miguel in Season 4

After u/cobrakaiiiii posted a moment from Season 3 in which Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) gives his sensei a few stern words on Reddit, fans began highlighting issues that they hoped would change in future seasons. u/HappyMike91 said, "I feel like the writers (or the creators) didn't really know what to do with Miguel in Season 4 so they had him bond with Daniel for a bit as well as have the whole 'I love you, Robby' scene happen." u/ThatRedGuy seemed to agree. "He's becoming a plot device for other characters now and I'm not really enjoying it," the Redditor wrote. "Hopefully s5 makes s4 seem worth it."

Honestly, that felt like a fair assessment going into Season 5 of "Cobra Kai." The last time we saw the former champion, Miguel was hitching a bus ride to Mexico to track down his dad, leading Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and his estranged son, Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan), to track him down. Thankfully, while that journey had a harsh ending, it finally got Miguel back on the road to becoming a more prominent player on "Cobra Kai."

Cobra Kai Season 6 could finally see the return of the old Miguel

In an interview with Variety, Xolo Maridueña called Miguel "one of the new generation's Daniel LaRussos." That's been one of the series' underlying themes from the start, and it looks to have finally returned to the forefront following the events of the latest season. Not only has Miguel cut ties with his biological father, but he's also settled his issues with his generation's Johnny Lawrence, Robby, and embraced a new family configuration. With both young fighters now on the same side, the next season of the series is loaded with potential.

"Cobra Kai" Season 6 might finally see Miguel and Robby unite to tackle Miyagi-Do's biggest challenge yet, one that might not only make Daniel and Johnny's school world-famous, but also bring down the dojo that made their lives hell for decades. Of course, given that Cobra Kai has been led by a man who faked his own death and another who committed arson, there doesn't seem to be anything that the bad guys in black gis won't stoop to. We can only wait and see what'll happen when they return; hopefully, Miguel is there and ready to face them.