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Topher Grace Makes A Not So Subtle Dig At Spider-Man In Home Economics Season 3 Premiere

"Home Economics" doesn't shy away from Marvel references. In Season 2, the hilarious ABC sitcom dedicated an entire episode to Marvel Comics. Episode 6, titled "Box of King-Size Candy Bars, $48.99," focuses on the characters and their Marvel-themed Halloween costumes. Tom (Topher Grace) suits up in his homemade Iron Man costume, but his wealthier brother, Connor (Jimmy Tatro), shows up in an Iron Man suit of his own — the one used in the film! What ensues are the typical sitcom shenanigans, but the show masterfully weaves in the real-world issue of income disparity.

Of course, Marvel fans recognize the humor in Topher Grace suiting up as Iron Man in "Home Economics." Before Tom Hardy became Venom, Grace was the first to bring the character to life in "Spider-Man 3." The film and Grace's performance weren't generally received very well. Many critics, including Roger Ebert, said the movie falls flat in its attempts to replicate the magic of "Spider-Man 2," citing too many villains, including Grace's Venom, as a significant reason for the film's flop.

"Home Economics" decided to have some fun and lean into Grace's portrayal of Venom. The show's Season 3 premiere aired last night and included a very upfront reference to Spider-Man.

Topher Grace still doesn't like Spider-Man

The Season 3 premiere sees the family take a trip to Disneyland. Tom and Connor go off on their own brotherly Disney adventure in which they eat snacks, buy matching Mickey ears, and take pictures with the characters in the park. The duo finds their way into Disney's Avengers Campus. In a nod to Season 2's Halloween episode, they take a picture with their favorite hero, Iron Man. Connor then asks Tom if he wants a picture with Spider-Man, to which Tom replies, "No, not a fan," as he walks away. 

It's a great joke that recalls Topher Grace's role as Venom in "Spider-Man 3." The actor saw his fair share of criticism for the portrayal, but it's great to see him having fun referencing it. Grace has never shied away from having fun looking back on his Venom role. In a Reddit AMA, he jokingly announced the plot of "Spider-Man: No Way Home," claiming he fought Tom Hardy's Venom before Batman and Aquaman showed up in the movie. 

Topher Grace is a massive fan of the MCU and was an avid Marvel Comics reader as a kid, so you know he had a great time filming in Avengers Campus. He's also a fierce defender of "Spider-Man 3." Although most critics and fans panned the film, he has never had anything but kind words for it. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he praised director Sam Raimi, admitting that, although people weren't happy with the film, he had an incredible time working with the legendary director.