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Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hansen's Message For The Show's Military Audience

To say that Captain Sig Hansen is a fan-favorite amongst viewers of "Deadliest Catch" almost feels like an understatement. The incredibly popular captain of the F/V Northwestern was voted the best captain in the entire series by fans on Reddit, and has established himself as perhaps the most prominent cast member of the entire series.

Indeed, Hansen currently holds the record for most appearances within the series, having starred in an incredible 238 episodes according to IMDb — and as such it's easy to see why Hansen has become the face of Discovery's long-running reality series. On top of being an essential and iconic cast member within the series, many fans have also expressed their admiration for Sig's calm and controlled style of leadership — which helps him to consistently hit his yearly quota without too much drama.

In a similar vein, Sig Hanson himself has also been extremely vocal about his appreciation for the fans of the series — and has specifically asserted his respect and admiration for the large military audience following that the show has accrued over the years.

Sig Hansen says he has a deep respect for the show's military audience, draws parallels between their experiences and Deadliest Catch

During an exclusive interview with We Are The Mighty (a Veteran-led media agency which creates content focusing on the military community) Captain Sig Hansen directed a message towards the immense military audience of "Deadliest Catch" –- expressing his gratitude for everything they do, as well as asserting the connection he feels to those in the military.

"Well, number one, we appreciate them for what they do and being a part of the audience. I think we're very much alike," Hansen said. "There is risk and reward across the board and that's a common denominator. We appreciate them as much as they appreciate us. It feels like family and it's a really neat thing to see that."

Earlier in the interview, Hansen expressed his view that there was another part of the series which linked members of the military to the fishermen of "Deadliest Catch" — explaining that military viewers could connect to the fishermen's experience of being gone at sea, having been gone during their tours across the world. Hansen's message makes it clear that he has a deep admiration for the show's massive military following, and he even feels a deep personal connection to them due to their shared experience of feeling isolated in dangerous situations.