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HBO Is Giving The Series Treatment To A David Cronenberg Film That Truly Deserves It

David Cronenberg is one of those writer-directors that immediately invokes a rather strong response in those familiar with his work. Cronenberg's first movie was in 1975 with "Shivers," while his next film, "Scanners," was about warring groups of psychically-powered individuals. He only continued to become more comfortable with his own style as his career progressed. His works have included tremendous examples of body horror, which has become somewhat of a hallmark of his movies, and these include films like "The Fly," "Videodrome," and the recently well-received "Crimes of the Future."

Despite being primarily known for the warping and twisting of flesh, Cronenberg has some "normal" movies in his repertoire, like "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promises." He has become somewhat prolific for his unique style, which is often referenced in pop culture, like when Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland) of "Rick and Morty" accidentally transforms the world's inhabitants into asymmetrical monsters with improbable proportions and flailing limbs. Luckily for fans of Cronenberg's efforts, it seems as if HBO is moving ahead with an adaptation of one of his earliest movies.

HBO is turning Scanners into a television series

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it seems as if the movie that helped put David Cronenberg on the map is now going to get the full HBO treatment, which means that a series based on the cult classic "Scanners" will soon be gracing the service. So far, details are somewhat sparse, but we do know that the writer and showrunner will be a former "Black Mirror" scribe, William Bridges. Yann Demange of "Lovecraft Country" will serve as director, and Cronenberg himself will serve as one of the executive producers. That means the legendary director and writer will be involved in this new series inspired by the previously mentioned movie. We also know the rough plot of the "Scanners" television series, which will revolve around two women as they come to terms with their extraordinary powers, while avoiding super-powered clandestine operatives that seek to control and oppress.

In a 1981 interview with Fangoria (via Den of Geek), Cronenberg spoke about what was going through his mind when he crafted the original "Scanners" by saying, "What does lay behind the film is a fantasy, I think a very powerful one, that I suppose starts as a child's fantasy. You go to sleep weak, and wake up finding that, in fact, you are strong. Someone says to you, 'Not only are you not weak, you are stronger than you ever imagined' — that's one of the premises of the film, though it doesn't come out exactly that way." Whether or not this trend will continue in the "Scanners" show is debatable, but at least this is surprising news for fans of the Canadian auteur.