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Wednesday's Nevermore Academy Invites You To Apply Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Still creepy and very kooky, the Addams Family remains a cultural icon, and Charles Addams' comic creations are back again with the arrival of "Wednesday." "Scream 6" star Jenna Ortega takes up the role of Wednesday Addams, first played in the '60s series by Lisa Loring and then given the cinematic treatment by Christina Ricci. For the record, Ricci is set to make an appearance on this new project in an unknown role (via Deadline).

The Netflix series from legendary director Tim Burton shines a light on the pigtailed phenom. Wednesday is leaving the family mansion behind to study at Nevermore Academy, whether she likes it or not. What unfolds is a killer mystery as the lead character comes to terms with her powers as well as her family's past. Burton's keen on making this incarnation something different than other versions. "The past incarnations she's been very cartoony, so in this longer form, you're just trying to give it a reality," the director said during a Netflix featurette.

The school itself is steeped in its own lore, advertising as a home for outcasts. Now, there might be a few more openings for students thanks to the efforts of a certain streaming service.

Nevermore is a haven for outcasts

Nevermore Academy is opening itself up to applications as part of Netflix's promotional push. The announcement came with a special YouTube video featuring some of the newest characters in "Wednesday." Viewers learn about the unique set of studies that could play into the story and even find out that a few classic figures are never far away. Wednesday herself makes an appearance with a perfect reminder that one deliciously macabre story awaits those brave enough to attend.

Visitors to the site are immediately met with the school's crest, which itself offers hints about the new series. Nevermore's motto Unitas Est Invicta roughly translates into "Unity is invincible," a nod to outcasts coming together against the usual fears and stereotypes. The crest also alludes to 1791 as an important date in its history. If this homepage elicits a bit of curiosity, applicants can proceed with one click. What follows is a set of personality questions including an intriguing set of study topics. Attendees can choose from a range of options such as Outcast History & Culture and Normie/Outcast Relations.

Applicants who finish the quiz are asked to provide their email and mailing addresses. No word on what surprises could be in store for those accepted. Hopefully, Thing will have help getting out those invites.