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Star Wars Fan Film Gives A Hilarious Inside Look At X-Wing Pilot Training

Ever wonder what really goes on between a team of X-wing pilots on their last day of training? A newly released Star Wars fan film answers just that. 

Entitled The Lost Starfighter, the eight-minute short follows a quirky group of recruits, known as the Blue Squadron, who embark on a final pass/fail mission that will determine their future. Perform well, and it's high flying from here on out. Fall short, and it's back to scrubbing down Y-wings (which smell like an array of gnarly galactic creatures).

Things go swimmingly for Blue Squadron until Blue Two (Matthew Schmid) decides to pull a prank that launches Blue Five (Jacquie Baker) to the wrong coordinates–and directly into enemy territory. 

Check it out in the video above. 

Written and directed by Nick Murphy and Paul Ritchey, The Lost Starfighter also features Kate Banford as Blue Leader, Aaron Nevins as Blue Three, Dan McAleese as Blue Four, Mick Lauer as Frengk, and Matt Scottoline as TR-5H. Jared Forman (Star Wars Rebels, Making a Murderer) composed the short's score, with Samuel Hall providing animation and visual effects and Gino Varisano working as cinematographer.