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See The Terrifying New Teasers For Channel Zero: Butcher's Block

Anybody hungry?

The third season of Syfy's creepy horror anthology series Channel Zero, subtitled Butcher's Block, was announced promptly following the conclusion of its well-received second series, No-End House. And apparently the production really hit the ground running, because the network has already produced five new grotesque teasers for the upcoming season, each of which you can watch now. 

The above one, titled "Stairs", is pretty gnarly. And it gets worse! 

Butcher's Block is based on the eight-part online story "Search and Rescue Woods" by Kerry Hammond. Anyone who's read the story probably has a halfway-decent idea of what to expect from the new season, but newcomers to the tale are going to have to get acquainted with these frightful goings-on via a faceful of nightmarish imagery.

The latest season will focus on Alice, a newcomer to a city that has been dealing with a scourge of unexplained disappearances, all apparently connected to mysterious and forbidding staircases that some people have reported seeing in the woods. It will star Olivia Luccardi as Alice, Holland Roden as her sister Zoe, Brandon Scott as burnt-out police officer Luke, Krisha Fairchild as a journalist named Louise, and Rutger Hauer as a reclusive butcher.

Channel Zero was created by Nick Antosca, and debuted in the fall of 2016 with its first installment, Candle Cove. Since its debut, the show has produced two distinct seasons of six episodes.

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block premieres in 2018. We're not exactly certain when, but considering the breakneck pace of the series' production so far, we wouldn't anticipate having to wait too long.

In the meantime, check out the other four teasers for the series down below.