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Anna Faris Gets Twisted Vengeance On An Old Boss In Overboard Trailer

The gender-swapped remake of the Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn-starring romantic comedy Overboard is pulling into shore, and you can watch the first trailer for the 2018 version of the story now.

Starring Anna Faris in the Kurt Russell role, the Overboard remake looks to be staying close to the 1987 movie's thoroughly absurd and rather sinister premise of a blue-collar worker taking advantage of a rich amnesiac by tricking them into thinking they're married.

Faris stars as Kate, a low-wage job-juggler and single mother trying to become a nurse while staving off the always-looming threat of financial ruin. As part of her job at a cleaning company, she picks up an assignment working on the yacht of a fantastically rich man named Leonardo, played by Eugenio Derbez, subbing in for the original movie's Goldie Hawn. 

Judgmental, abusive, and entitled, Leonardo spends the duration of Kate's time on the boat treating her like garbage before one rough night on the yacht sends him tumbling overboard. That incident leads to the loss of his memory, which Kate uses as an opportunity to exact vengeance by convincing the man that she's his wife, the father of her children, and a financial provider used to three jobs' worth of backbreaking work.

It's generally agreed that the original movie succeeded largely on the back of the remarkable chemistry between real-life couple Hawn and Russell, and if this trailer's any indication, the remake is making up for the lack of that pairing by turning up the comedy. Hopefully that's enough to distract audiences from how, uh, evil the premise always has been.

Overboard is written and directed by Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg, and also stars Eva Longoria, John Hannah, Swoosie Kurtz, and Josh Segarra. Check it out in theaters next year when it hits on April 20.