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Andor Episode 2 Just Might Feature The Cringiest Scene In All Of Star Wars

Contains spoilers for "Andor," Season 1, Episodes 1-3

Out of all the "Star Wars" shows to come to Disney+, "Andor" is a completely different beast altogether. Unlike the other series thus far, "Andor" aims for a grittier, more street-level, and more solemn look at the "Star Wars" universe, much in the same way that the movie "Rogue One" did before it. This isn't exactly surprising, given that "Andor" serves as a prequel to that film, focusing on the title character Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). As any true "Star Wars" fan will know, Cassian ends up dying at the end of "Rogue One" along with all the other main characters after they've successfully stolen the Death Star plans.

So considering the darkness of the film that inspired it, and the return of "Rogue One" co-writer Tony Gilroy as the developer of "Andor," it's really no wonder that the new series leans into the narrative heaviness that hasn't been quite as prevalent in the Disney+ series before it. However, despite that seriousness, the show also might feature one of the most cringe-inducing scenes in the entire "Star Wars" universe, and it comes in Episode 2 of the series. It's a revealing moment for one of the main players in this particular saga, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch.

Syril Karn's speech is a rough watch

During Episode 2 of "Andor," Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) is dead set on finding Cassian Andor and bringing him to justice for the murder of two men. Eventually, he gathers up a posse of corporate police to track down Andor, and he's encouraged to give a speech to the troops to rally them to their forthcoming battle. Needless to say, the speech doesn't exactly go well, with Syril struggling to find the right words to say or be inspiring in any way whatsoever. It's a moment that's extremely difficult to watch, and it would be easy to argue that it's one of the cringiest moments in the entire "Star Wars" canon.

There are a few reasons that would explain why the writers decided to go in this direction with Syril and include such a painful speech scene. Considering the events that happen in Episode 3, wherein Cassian and Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) outmaneuver Syril and his soldiers in a show of battle superiority, perhaps it's a moment meant to illuminate his lack of experience. There is, perhaps, an even deeper meaning behind the scene, and it ties directly into Syril's ambitions and how they're at odds with his actual abilities.

Syril's disastrous speech reveals much about his character

During an interview with GamesRadar's Total Film, Kyle Soller revealed quite a bit about his character Syril Karn that would prove to be valuable information in viewing who he is at his core. "He has an extreme sense of need to impress, and fill a hole in himself," Soller said. "And so that really is about ascending to the top of whatever field he's in. The field he's chosen is one of restriction and complete control, and one of domination." Basically, Syril is incredibly ambitious and constantly looking for a way to become the best at what he does.

Now, exactly what that metaphorical hole that he's trying to fill is will likely become more clear as "Andor" progresses, but with the added context of Soller's interview and what fans have seen of him thus far throughout the first episodes, his disastrous speech reveals quite a bit. Obviously, he wants to impress his soldiers, but lacks the experience, proper words, or even charm to do so. This also makes him a nice foil for Cassian, who is more personable and relatable in his interactions with the other characters. So while it may be a hard scene to watch, and arguably a top cringe moment for "Star Wars," it's perhaps a pivotal scene for revealing Syril's personality to the viewers.