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The Entire Baki Timeline Explained

At nearly 150 volumes and with millions upon millions of copies sold, "Baki the Grappler" is one of the longest-running and best-selling manga of all time. Written and illustrated by Keisuke Itagaki, the original series (1991 to 1999) follows 17-year-old Baki Hanma as he trains against a variety of different opponents in deadly, no-quarter hand-to-hand combat, all of which leads up to a final battle with his father, the "Ogre" Yujiro. Manga sequels followed all the way up through a fifth series in 2018.

The first screen adaptation of the manga, a 45-minute original video animation (OVA) called "Grappler Baki: The Ultimate Fighter," was released all the way back in 1994. It follows Baki as he rises in the ranks as a competitive fighter. It tells a complete story, ending with a climactic battle between Baki and Shinogi Kosho, the Cord-Cutter, who is known for severing people's nerves and tendons.

The 24-episode anime adaptation "Baki the Grappler" aired on TV Tokyo in early 2001, followed immediately by a second set of 24 episodes that also aired in 2001. In 2018, a new anime series simply titled "Baki" continued the story on Netflix. A second and final season of "Baki" released on Netflix in 2020. "Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre" came to Netflix in September 2021, and another season was confirmed in March 2022 (via Collider).

With so a large amount of source material available and adaptations that span decades, the events of "Baki" can get a bit confusing. Here is the entire "Baki" timeline explained.

The world and characters of Baki

Nicknamed "Ogre" and "the strongest creature on Earth," Yujiro Hanma is the monstrously cruel father of Baki Hanma and Jack "Hammer" Hanma. Yujiro has mastered all styles of unarmed combat: judo, jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, and other more secret disciplines. 

With just his bare hands, Yujiro goes to Vietnam at 16, where he fights both American and Viet Cong forces. He terrorizes a U.S. base in South America, provoking the government to send special forces to kill him. America eventually recognizes Yujiro as his own national power, and every U.S. President swears a treaty of friendship with him.

Yujiro meets Diane "Jane" Neil in a United Nations plot to catch and kill him in Vietnam. He attacks her when he finds out, although she later bears him a son named Jack. Yujiro later meets world heavyweight boxing champion Mohammad Alai and shows respect for him fighting for the weak and giving them hope. As brutal and unkind as Yujiro is, he's still against racism and any form of oppression.

Thirteen years before the series begins, Yujiro meets the very wealthy Emi Akezawa on vacation and kills her abusive husband. Yujiro never loves Emi, but he does give her a son to raise as a warrior in Baki Hanma. She's never very loving with Baki but pays for all his training. This is the situation at the start of Baki's story.

Grappler Baki: The Kid Saga

Season 1 is divided into two Sagas. The first is the Kid Saga, which introduces us to Baki Hanma and his legendary strength, and this is followed by the Underground Arena Saga.

During the Kid Saga, a man named Kuriyagawa hears about Baki's developing skills and hires 100 thugs to attack him as a way of testing his strength. Baki defeats 37 of the 100 before he must admit he's beaten. Kuriyagawa sets up a fight between Baki and the gangster Kaoru Hanayama, who becomes a major rival (and later a friend) to Baki. Soon, Baki meets Reiichi Ando in the woods and trains with him, then camps alone on Yasha Rock to fight the Yasha Ape. He eventually beats the ape, and after a rematch they become friends. The Yasha Ape gives him a fang as a gift, and they part on friendly terms.

Baki's upcoming opponent, Yuri, is moving from welterweight to heavyweight, and Baki pays him a visit. Meanwhile, Kuriyagawa tells Hanayama to wait his turn: he can't fight Baki until Baki fights Yuri. Hanayama responds by destroying Yuri's hand ahead of the title fight.

After Baki's fight with Kaoru Hanayama, Baki's father Yujiro appears and they have their first fight. Baki has a heart-to-heart with his mother and visits Hanayama in the hospital. Yujiro kills the Yasha Ape, angering Baki, and they plan to fight again in one month. This is not the last time Baki and Yujiro will face off — not by a long shot!

Grappler Baki: The Underground Arena Saga

All of Baki's friends arrive for his rematch with his father. However, when Baki finally fights Yujiro he is badly beaten. Baki leaves to travel around the world to continue his training, eventually returning to Japan to meet with Mitsunari Tokugawa, the old man who runs the underground fighting arena.

Three years later, Baki is the champion of the arena. Tokugawa meets with karate expert Doppo Orochi, who finds his former student Kiyosumi Katou beating up fighters at his dojo. Baki trains for the circuit at his boarding house, where the owner's daughter Kozue Matsumoto develops a crush on him. She interferes with some bullies bothering him, which puts her on the bad guys' radar.

Baki Hanma fights Kousho Shinogi, the master of Cord-Cut Karate. Everybody is begging to be Baki's next opponent, and he eventually fights Mount Toba, a huge pro wrestler. Yujiro Hanma shows up and knocks Baki out, which prompts Doppo Orochi to challenge Yujiro to a fight. We meet Cord-Cutter's brother, Dr. Shinogi Kureha, who can do amazing things with medicine — such as restarting stopped hearts. Baki faces off against Dr. Shinogi Kureha, and Doppo Orochi and Yujiro Hanma finally have their climactic fight to end Season 1.

Grappler Baki: The Maximum Tournament Saga

Season 2 is subtitled "Maximum Tournament Saga," and Mitsunari Tokugawa quickly announces a worldwide martial arts tournament.

In the very first fight of this international showdown, Baki Hanma fights Artemis Regan, a professional wrestler, and we meet the Vale Tudo master Zulu, who fights Muay Thai master Dentoranee Jitpika. Other fights include heavyweight kickboxing champion Rob Robinson against Kanji Igari, while Izou Motobe fights grand sumo Kinryuuzan. The Sambo master Sergei Taktaroff fights Kaioh Retsu, a master of Chinese Kenpo, and Kiyosumi Katou fights Yasha-Zaru, Jr. Kaoru Hanayama fights Japanese Kenpo master Bunnoshin Inagi and catch-as-catch-can wrestler Roland Gustaf goes up against Orochi Katsumi.

Yujiro Hanma arrives and puts his protégé Yuu Amanai in the tournament. Heavyweight boxing world champion Ian McGregor faces Taekwondo master Mouko Ri, biker gang leader Chiharu Shiba fights judo master Kohei Hatanaka, and Shorinji Kempo master Kengo Misaki fights pro wrestler Mike Queen. Brazilian Jujutsu master Sergio Silva faces pit-fighter Jack Hammer, before trying to fight Hammer, who is his son — although Baki intervenes. The two brothers and their father are still a long way from unraveling all their family secrets.

Grappler Baki: Maximum Tournament continued

As the "Maximum Tournament Saga" continues, wrestler Minoru Yamamoto faces Yuu Amanai, bouncer Richard Filth faces Doppo Orochi, and amateur wrestler Roger Harlon faces off with jujutsu master Gouki Shibukawa. The Shinogi brothers fight, and Baki faces Zulu. Kanji Igari faces Kinryuzan and Kaioh Retsu faces Mount Toba. Kaoru Hanayama faces Katsumi Orochi and Chiharu Shiba goes up against Ian McGregor. When Shiba can no longer fight, they call up Andreanov Garland. Jack Hammer faces Kengo Misaki and Doppo Orochi fights Amanai Yuu.

Quarter-finals begin. Igari begs Baki to let him win this time. Katsumi Orochi faces Retsu Kaioh, while Andreanov Garland fights an anaconda since he hasn't fought yet. He then fights Jack Hammer, and we learn more about Jack's history and training. Gouki Shibukawa faces Doppo Orochi. We move into the semifinals, where Baki fights Retsu Kaioh while Gouki Shibukawa goes up against Baki's brother Jack Hammer. Baki faces Jack in the final match of the tournament and they keep fighting even as Jack's body breaks down from the secret treatments he's been getting. Ultimately, Baki wins the circuit.


The story continues in "Baki," which premiered on Netflix in 2018. The first season focuses on five inmates who break out of prisons around the world and come to Tokyo for a battle royale. Promoter Mitsunari Tokugawa warns Baki Hanma that five violent death row escapees from around the world are all heading for Tokyo.

Baki fights thugs hired by the bullies at school and takes Kozue out on a date. One of the escapees, Spec, comes to assess his abilities, but Hanayama heads off an ambush and defeats him. Prison escapee Dorian brutally attacks Katsumi Orochi in the Shinshinkai Dojo, and all the convicts convene on the Underground Arena, where Tokugawa officially begins the fight. 

Hector Doyle ambushes Baki in class, so Baki leads him away from the classroom — only to get knocked out by another escapee, Ryuukou Yanagi, who lies in wait outside in disguise.

Dorian invades Tokugawa's compound as Baki and his friends talk about the ambush at school. Shinshinkai Karate master Kiyosumi Katou confronts Dorian, luring him to an amusement park. Katou's friend Atsushi Suedo immediately strikes, and Doppo Orochi follows up with an all-out karate/Kenpo battle that ends in Dorian's death at the hands of Kiyosumi Katou. 

Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

When Biscuit Oliva comes to Tokyo from America to join in the fight, Kozue Matsumoto is kidnapped by the old fighter Sikorsky and then ambushed during his search for clues by escapee Hector Doyle — who is in disguise as a female cop. Kosho Shinogi appears and challenges Hector Doyle to a duel, while Yujiro visits the unsuspecting Baki and Kozue, who are now officially dating. 

The pinnacle master of Chinese martial arts Kaioh Retsu faces off against a fully armed Hector Doyle, who sets off a bomb inside the dojo. Baki handles attacks from both Ryuukou Yanagi and Russian assassin Sikorsky but is triumphant.

Baki falls victim to Yanagi's Poison Hand tactics, setting the tone and direction for much of the seasons to follow, as he is now dealing with a severe illness.

Jack Hammer fights Sikorsky at a local park, and then Sikorsky faces off with Gaia in the underground arena — eventually begging for mercy. Izou Motobe defeats Ryuukou Yanagi in the arena, and a new major character appears in Mohammad Alai, Jr., who visits his father's friend Yujiro. Baki and Kozue visit Reiichi Ando and Yasha-Zaru Jr., then Baki pleads with his mentor to get into the great Chinese martial arts tournament — where his cure can be found.

Baki Season 2

Season 2 of "Baki" again comes down to two Sagas, which play out in the Great Raitai Tournament and the Godlike Clash of the Kids. Baki finally enters the Great Raitai Tournament despite his illness, while Mohammad Alai Jr. comes up against Yujiro. Mohammad Alai Jr. fights Kaioh Jo with his deadly speed. A now-severely emaciated Baki Hanma faces Kaioh Ri, the greatest Poison Hand user in China. Kaioh Kaku faces off with Kaioh Samwan — despite being 121 years older!

Kaioh Chin and Japan's sole Kaioh, Jyaku, battle on the tournament floor, while Baki baits Yujiro into fighting offstage. Kaioh Retsu is a Kenpo genius, but Kaioh Jyaku's dirty tricks put him to the test. Ancient Kaioh Kaku, the 146-year-old Sea Emperor who can slice off multiple human limbs with a simple hand chop, is the master of Chinese Kenpo and faces off against Yujiro Hanma while everyone watches. Kaku's primary technique is Shao-li, or bodily control, which absorbs attacks so perfectly that even Yujiro can do little more than give him a slightly bloody nose. Kaku changes the structure of the Great Raitai Tournament to pit the Chinese competitors against the Japanese and American fighters.

Mohammad Alai Jr. proposes to Kozue and challenges elderly aikido master Goki Shibukawa and Doppo Orochi in his quest to prove his worth to her. However, he is badly injured in a fight with Jack Hammer. Mohammad Alai Jr. returns to his hotel, where he is challenged to a match by his father, Mohammad Alai. Then Baki fights Alai Jr., making this a battle between sons of legendary fighters.

Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre Season 1

"Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre" is the 12-episode Netflix series that covers the third part of "Baki the Grappler" and was released in 2021. The major characters introduced are Jun Guevaru, an alternate universe version of the historical Che Guevara, and Pickle, a missing link hominid who is found preserved in ice. The former is anti-U.S. and anti-capitalist, while the latter does not know what those words mean.

Jun Guevaru is a former pirate who founded his own nation and is known as the third-strongest man in the world after Biscuit Oliva and Yujiro Hanma. He uses his bare hands against every kind of weapon and once broke into U.S. President George Bosch's house and threatened his family after Bosch considered military exercises against his nation.

While Baki, now 18, fights a giant praying mantis, Yujiro Hanma destroys a vicious, prehistoric African elephant. Determined to overtake Yujiro, Baki abducts the U.S. president so that he will deliberately be imprisoned at Biscuit Oliva's infamous Arizona State Prison. Oliva is known as the strongest man in the United States and the second-strongest in the world, which means he gets to come and go as he pleases.

Baki challenges Biscuit Oliva to a fight, but Oliva is preoccupied with his rival Jun Guevaru — the only other prisoner to receive special treatment from the guards. Jun has allowed himself to be imprisoned in Arizona so he can fight Biscuit Oliva, whom he believes represents the arrogance of the U.S. Baki gets to know his fellow inmates and survives the awful conditions of prison life while waiting for his opportunity to take Biscuit Oliva on. Eventually, Jun returns to his sovereign nation, La Serna.

Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre Season 2

A second season of "Hanma Baki — Son of Ogre" was announced in March 2022 (via Crunchyroll). If we follow the manga for this story we can look forward to Retsu Kaiou's boxing and what might be the real, final confrontation between Yujiro and Baki.

"Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre" was followed by the fourth manga series, "Baki-Dou," which focuses on a magically transported samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who arrives in the modern day from the 1600s. Musashi was a Japanese swordsman, philosopher, strategist, writer, and rōnin who became famous for his unique double-bladed swordsmanship and his undefeated record in 61 duels. Musashi is considered a Kensei or sword-saint of Japan, and in the current day he's best known for writing "The Book of Five Rings" and "Dokkōdō: The Path of Aloneness."

The fifth manga series is called "Bakidou" (not to be confused with the previous manga series, "Baki-Dou") and started in October 2018. Keep following Baki's journey as we reach the end of the series, and then go back for the spin-offs and other media. There's always more "Baki" to enjoy!