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It's About Time Rick And Morty Made A Proper Final Fantasy VII Reference

Both "Rick and Morty" and the video game "Final Fantasy 7" share at least one thing in common — a white-haired sociopath that wishes to sail the cosmos and has little regard for the consequences of their actions on the entire world. As where Rick (Justin Roiland) typically uses his portal gun to travel between planets, the "Final Fantasy 7" villain Sephiroth would prefer to use a giant, world-ending meteor as his preferred method of transversal. Suppose when Rick transforms himself into a pickle is kind of like when Sephiroth becomes the One-Winged Angel at the end of "FF7" as well. One could also argue that the arcade known as Blips and Chitz is also pretty similar to the Gold Saucer, though with a serious lacking of Cait Sith and Chocobos.

Joking aside, "Rick and Morty" is not one to shy away from references and pop culture call-outs. The latest episode sees Morty (also Roiland) hook up an intergalactic video game system that has access to all manner of video games. This provides a chance to make several references involving "Asteroids," "Street Fighter," and even text-based adventures. However, it seems as if "Rick and Morty" have also poked fun at "Final Fantasy 7," and it involves a certain giant sword-wielding character.

Cloud struggles to lift his sword in Rick and Morty

As mentioned earlier, the episode "Bethic Instinct" involves a subplot with the two different versions of Beth (Sarah Chalke), and in response, both Morty and Summer (Spencer Grammer) become incredibly fixated on the recently hooked-up video game system in order to help blunt arising and incredibly awkward issues. Though they play a "realistic" video game version of "Asteroids" that sees them trawl through the cold void of space and a version of "Street Fighter" that involves just getting to the fight, one game that is played is a tried and true reference to franchise creating "Final Fantasy 7," complete with menus, fight perspective, limit gauges, and of course the main protagonist of Cloud.

Unfortunately, it looks like Cloud is struggling to hold his trademark and iconic weapon, the Buster Sword. For fans of the series, this is a hilarious call out because Cloud cannot lift the massive blade, and it doesn't even look like it has Materia joined to it! As noted by Destructoid, attempts to recreate the famous blade have been made by professional blacksmiths, and one iteration sees the blade measuring six feet long and weighing 80 pounds. This isn't exactly a well-balanced weapon or one that is easy to carry, and it seems as if that is the basis of the joke pointed squarely (see what I did there) at "Final Fantasy 7." Maybe that means that one day we'll see Rick recreate the infamous Nibelheim flashback sequence at a later date. One can only hope.