Deadpool Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Whether it's messing with the X-Men or running at a lose-lose scenario while screaming "Leroy Jenkins," Deadpool's unique brand of meme-worthy hilarity is finally getting some mainstream love. The fourth wall-breaking merc with a mouth has brought in one of the strongest superhero movie debuts of all time, so we're bound for even more Wade Wilson in the future. Let's put down the tacos and reveal some facts about Deadpool that you probably didn't know.

A shallow gene pool

Deadpool was first introduced in issue #98 of The New Mutants back in February 1991. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Liefeld crafted Deadpool's look and powers, while Nicieza thought up his personality and dialogue. Nicieza also gave Deadpool the identity of Wade Wilson, due to the character being so similar to the DC Comics character Deathstroke, also known as Slade Wilson. Unfortunately, Deathstroke had been around for 11 years by the time Deadpool made his debut. An assassin/mercenary with a healing factor, enhanced reflexes, superhuman agility, and a penchant for guns and katanas? We're not even sure who we're describing by this point.

Wade's serious start

Deadpool made snarky comments throughout the early '90s as a generic assassin, but it wasn't until his 1997 ongoing comic series where he developed into the zany character we all know and love today. You can thank writer Joe Kelly for making Deadpool an agent of parody while the comic scene was being oversaturated with badass antiheroes. This was where we were first introduced to Deadpool's buddy Weasel (the "avocado" guy from the movie) and his roomie and/or prisoner, Blind Al. You can also thank Kelly for Deadpool's habit of breaking the fourth wall, as the writer expected the series to be canceled. It eventually was, sadly, at (you guessed it) issue number 69. After the series ended, Deadpool kept bouncing around the Marvel universe, until 2004 when he teamed up with his longtime nemesis, Cable, but more on that later...

Deadpool's voices have faces

Due to Wade Wilson's cancer spreading throughout his brain and his healing powers repairing everything just as fast as it degenerates, he is a little crazy. Matter of fact, he was kind of crazy before he ever got his cancer and mutant power combo. But he doesn't just have problems separating reality from fantasy. As it turns out in the comics, Deadpool actually has honest-to-goodness characters living inside of his head, like obscure Marvel villains named Doctor Bong and Madcap. That's a problem therapy probably can't really handle.

He met his alternate selves

There have been all kinds of incarnations of the Deadpool character once you start factoring in alternate realities, spin-offs, and non-canon stories. These versions of Deadpool united in the Deadpool Corps comic series to create the craziest superhero squad possible. The Deadpool Corps includes Wandra Wilson, Lady Deadpool from an alternate Earth; Dogpool, an adorable pooch with a healing factor and a penchant for violence; Championpool (you can look that one up yourself); Kidpool, a young boy from the Xavier institute; the Deadpool we all know and love; and Headpool, who is the decapitated head of Wade Wilson from the Marvel Zombies universe and wears a spinning helicopter hat.

Happily ever after

Despite the horrific scars all over his body, Deadpool is a pretty fun guy to be around and occasionally does the right thing. As a result, he has had some luck with the ladies over the years. You'd be surprised by some of his previous flames. Deadpool has gotten with Domino, Siren, Psylocke, Copycat (who Vanessa from the movie might be named after), and Death. Seriously, Deadpool has been close to death so many times that he has gotten intimate with its physical (and quite feminine) manifestation. Thanos wasn't happy with that. Deadpool recently tied the knot with the Queen of the Undead, Shiklah. Wade was originally hired by Dracula to bring Shiklah to Transylvania to be his bride, but ultimately fell in love. Blade wasn't on the guest list.

Partners in crime

So where does Deadpool go from here? Everyone wants to see X-Force, the other X-Men, and even Blade appearing alongside Deadpool in future films. Wade Wilson has partnered up with Cyclops' time-travelling son from an apocalyptic future, Cable; Bob the Hydra henchman; Spider-Man (their comic book friendship is adorable to be honest); and all kinds of other famous faces from the Marvel 'verse throughout the years. We just want to see him go on another cinematic adventure with the voices in his head...