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Donald Glover Lays Out The Main Theme Driving Atlanta's Final Season

The Emmy-winning series "Atlanta" is one of television's most subversive comedies that constantly surprises fans with unexpected adventures. Created by Donald Glover, the esteemed comedian and "Community" favorite recruits Bryan Tyree Henry, Zazie Beetz, and LaKeith Stanfield to chronicle the career of rising rapper Paper Boi (Henry). Glover also plays Paper Boi's cousin and manager Earn, as they navigate the treacherous music industry where, more often than not, things are not what they appear to be. 

Glover won dual Emmys in 2017 (via IMDB) for lead actor and outstanding directing, giving the unconventional series even more attention. Glover's auteur direction was awarded for Season 1, Episode 7, "B.A.N.," parodying the ridiculous and racially-targeted ads often played on culturally curated entertainment outlets. The show's refusal to shy away from social commentary adds depth to the series and even educates viewers with a new perspective.

The standalone episode has become a signature staple of "Atlanta," leading us to call it one of the best TV shows of 2022. These episodes may sometimes seem as if they premiere out of nowhere. However, they're very intentional. They're meant to interrupt the narrative and remind the audience that this is not your typical serialized story. This quality of unpredictability is also more akin to the reality of life, which depicts "Atlanta" in a more artistic and authentic way. However, with the final season, it seems Glover will shake up the narrative style yet again. 

Donald Glover praises Season 4's character-driven storylines

Season 4, the final season of "Atlanta," promises a peachy homecoming returning to the title destination where it all began. This full circle moment is evident in the trailer, which even brings back the larger-than-life guest star Katt Williams reprising his Emmy-winning role (via IMDB). As we check in on our other favorite Atlanta residents, the creators behind the acclaimed series tease what we can expect from the final installment.

Glover promises a more character-oriented season with the final 10 episodes calling it "the most grounded season" to date. At the 2022 Television Critics Association summer press tour (from TV Line), he adds it "explores people more than ever before, [because] we're right now living in a time where we don't give people the benefit of the doubt." This approach is both understandable and welcome as we prepare to say goodbye to "Atlanta." The creator has also "said that each season is like an album," so we can interpret the fourth volume as a celebratory sendoff for our favorite characters.

Emmy-nominated series writer Stefani Robinson offered her insights by saying, "Each episode has something to do with one another, but can also feel like its own singular thing ... They play against each other and inform each other." This allows "Atlanta" to experiment with television format while also telling a cohesive narrative. You can catch the final season of "Atlanta" Thursdays on FX and the next day on Hulu.