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New Gotham By Gaslight Clip Teases Jack The Ripper

After piquing every Batman fans' interest with a chilling trailer for Gotham by Gaslight, the upcoming animated feature that reimagines Batman in Victorian-era Gotham, Warner Bros. has unveiled the first official clip for the film. 

Though the footage is painfully short at just a minute and 17 seconds long, it does tease what we've all been hoping to see: Jack the Ripper, the killer who terrorizes the town by preying on unsuspecting victims. The new peek at Gotham by Gaslight shows a character called Pamela, also known as "The Plant Lady," coming face to face with Jack in the "dark alleys of turn-of-the-century Gotham City." 

Sporting bright red hair and an emerald green coat and dress, Pamela mistakes the Ripper for a lonely man looking for some company, and as such, attempts to seduce him with her charms. "I hate to see a man lonely," she coos. "I've got a generous nature, and I'm sure you're generous, too. Ain't you, mister?" Pamela then adds, "My room's not far," as she steps away and turns her back to the man–an invitation for him to follow her down the alley. When she circles around again, however, Pamela sees that she wasn't talking to just anyone: she was conversing with the Ripper himself, who now grasps a sharp knife in his gloved hand.

Take a look above. 

Based on the 1989 comic written by Brian Augustyn and drawn by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Gotham by Gaslight is considered the first of the "Elseworlds" tales that disregard established DC timelines and continuity and place classic characters in new, interesting settings. This film is set in the 1800s, as previously mentioned, in an alternate Gotham that is crawling with criminal gangs. The deviancy causes the wealthy Bruce Wayne to spring to action to end it once and for all; to do so, he becomes the caped vigilante known as Batman. Elsewhere, a murderer whom the townspeople call "Jack the Ripper" has been taking lives left and right. As tension and fear mounts, Wayne is accused of being the Ripper and is locked in the slammer for the crimes. But he soon finds a way out, and is intent on apprehending the true killer and bringing safety back to Gotham for good. 

Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, Star Trek: Into Darkness) voices Bruce Wayne/Batman, with Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) lending her voice to Selina Kyle and Anthony Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) playing Alfred. Here's the official synopsis for the film: "In an age of mystery and superstition, how would the people of Gotham react to a weird creature of the night, a bat-garbed vigilante feared by the guilty and the innocent alike? The very first Elseworlds tale re-imagines the Dark Knight detective in Victorian times and pits him against the infamous murderer Jack the Ripper."

Gotham by Gaslight will be released on Digital HD on January 23, 2018.