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Michael Keaton Weighs In On Batgirl's Cancelation At The Emmys

Michael Keaton had a tremendous night at the Emmy's, taking home the first award of the night for his role in "Dopesick." The Hulu original series earned the "Batman" star an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a limited or anthology series, which he celebrated with a poignant but hilarious acceptance speech.

After winning the prestigious award, Keaton was whisked away backstage, where he fielded questions from reporters of the biggest entertainment news outlets in the game. While Keaton answered questions about "Dopesick," it wasn't long before the topic drifted elsewhere. A reporter asked the actor when we will next see him as Batman and what his thoughts were on the cancellation of HBO Max's "Batgirl." The scrapped film was the talk of the summer, as no one had any indication the $90+ million nearly-finished movie was going to be shelved. Somewhat surprised at the question, Keaton kept it professional but offered a response.

Michael Keaton's response to Batgirl's cancelation is what we expected

After being asked about his thoughts on the "Batgirl" cancellation, Michael Keaton gave a swift response. "I think it was a business decision," Keaton admitted (via Variety). "I'm gonna assume it was a good one. I don't really know." The actor also noted he didn't really follow the story that much and seemed to shrug off the whole thing.

Keaton then moved on to the second part of the question, answering when fans would next see him as Batman. "A little later tonight, probably, if you're lucky enough," he joked to the audience of reporters. He, unfortunately, couldn't shed any light on when we'd actually see him reprise the role of Batman in a DC film, and it didn't appear as if he was trying to keep a secret — it looked like he really didn't know. Keaton apologized for giving a boring answer, but he appears to be just as much in the dark as the rest of us. Outside of the scrapped "Batgirl" film, Keaton filmed scenes as the Caped Crusader in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" as well as "The Flash."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Keaton was likely replaced with Ben Affleck in the second "Aquaman" film as test audiences found the OG's appearance confusing. With "The Flash" project still up in the air as well, who knows if we'll ever see Keaton's Dark Knight again?