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The Biggest Plot Hole On Supernatural According To Fans

The magical lore of The CW's "Supernatural" starts out simple enough. Two estranged brothers raised in the violent lifestyle of monster-hunting set out on the road to battle the forces of darkness. Among their very first encounters include ghosts, wendigos, and shapeshifters. But the monster of the week stories can only get you so far.

By Season 4, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) cross a bridge into a whole new territory. Though they have seen their fair share of demons, the Winchesters are shocked to discover the other side of the equation. Angels such as Castiel (Misha Collins) are introduced to give a whole new spin on the series, eventually giving way to the most powerful villain the Winchesters ever fought. This added mythology ensured the series could continue, which it did for another decade and change. But in addition to angels and gods, the series also summoned an insurmountable foe — a plothole that continues to haunt die-hard fans of the series.

No one understands how the multiverse works

The concept of a multiverse is not a new one. Those instructed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been well acquainted with multiple versions of one person. Not to be outdone, "Supernatural" also put their own multiverse theory to the test and used God (Rob Benedict) to do it. Also known as Chuck Shurley, God has had a long and complex history in the series. 

After creating the known universe — and locking Amara (Emily Swallow) in prison — he becomes an absent father. He leaves the world to its own devices while he tries to make new worlds that are better than the one he created. This created the multiverse in which different versions of Sam and Dean go through similar trials. Though God's actions opened many doors to interesting plotlines, it also welcomed the opportunity for much confusion. Fans on Reddit hypothesized wildly about what characters would be affected by the multiverse, unable to tell if Amara and God were subject to the rules.

"It is well established that Amara and God are not bound to any universe," stated u/DisastrousWelcome71, who questioned how Amara's imprisonment would work. Others, such as u/HARCES, found another way to look at it: "My thought is that in each universe he made a God and Amara for that universe. Ours might not even be the real ones." Many fans could not agree on the rules, pointing out how confounding this element was.

The Winchesters will have to address more plot holes

"Supernatural" may have ended, but the cycle of inconsistencies continues. Though both brothers died pretty definitively at the end of the series, Dean will be back in action in The CW prequel "The Winchesters." The new show will tell the story of future parents, John (Drake Rodger) and Mary (Meg Donnelly), who fall in love while they hunt demons together. But you're not alone if you are at odds about how exactly that will work out.

The "Supernatural" timeline makes it clear that John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had no idea about demons until Azazel killed his wife in the original series. This event motivates him to raise his boys as hunters and is arguably the most significant moment of their lives. Even with a cursory look at the trailer for "The Winchesters," it's clear that is no longer the case. It is only natural to assume that this may be an example of "Supernatural" playing fast and loose with canon. But according to Jensen Ackles, you'll have to tune in and find out.

"Obviously, we've got a massive fix for that," Ackles told TV Line in reference to the deviation from previous events. "But we get to that point, and we play the 'Ooh, that's why' kind of a thing." The actor and producer has kept quiet about exactly what his plan is, but it seems like the multiverse is the perfect answer.