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Ahsoka Has Finally Found Its Live-Action Ezra Bridger

They say that the Force often works in mysterious ways and brings together heroes in order to bring balance to the universe. Of course, through much of the "Star Wars" franchise, the Dark Side of the Force is ascendant, which basically means that much of the universe is oppressed, subjugated, and sorely lacking in personal freedom. Although there are always pockets of resistance, the fact that the Empire usually has legions of soldiers and potent super weapons that can level planets means that only the most dedicated, or vengeful, of individuals are willing to stand up to Sith-based tyranny.

"Ahsoka" is an upcoming live-action series that follows the titular Twi'lek, played by Rosario Dawson. Ahsoka trained with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi throughout the animated "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and later appeared in "Star Wars: Rebels." Her first live-action appearance was in the Disney+ series "The Book of Boba Fett," where she aided Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the training of Grogu. For fans of both Ahsoka and "Star Wars: Rebels," it looks like the upcoming television series has found its actor to take up the mantle of Ezra Bridger, the famous rebel turned Jedi.

Ashoka has cast Eman Esfandi as Ezra

In "Star Wars: Rebels," Ezra Bridgers (voiced by Taylor Gray) is orphaned at a young age when his parents spoke out against the Empire. He is essentially the main character of the show, and executive producer Dave Filoni told TV Guide about Ezra's latent abilities by saying, "To survive, instinctively every now and then when he's in a jam he uses the Force. He doesn't call it that. He doesn't know that's what he's doing. He thinks he's got some abilities that are a little strange every now and then, but they help him out. It's instinctive, it's reactionary." Luckily for Ezra, he soon finds a Jedi mentor in "Star Wars: Rebels," and begins to learn the ways of the Force.

Considering that Ezra and Ashoka are some of the latest remaining Jedi in the galaxy and that they have interacted in the past, it only makes sense that Ezra would pop up in "Ashoka.' According to Deadline, "Ashoka" has cast Eman Esfandi of "King Richard" fame as Ezra Bridger. When fans last saw Ezra, he was utilizing all his newfound Force powers to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn, and "Star Wars: Rebels" ends with him being taken away. However, as Ashoka mentions in "The Book of Boba Fett," she is determined to find both Ezra and Thrawn, which sets up one of the major plot points of the upcoming spin-off. This means that long-time fans of "Star Wars," will soon see the characters share the same screen once again.