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The Orville Character Fans Desperately Hope To See Again

"The Orville" is Seth MacFarlane's show that was supposed to be a parody of "Star Trek," but the only joke the creator ended up playing was on the audience. Instead of an extended, serialized satire, viewers were treated to a surprisingly earnest space adventure. Basically, MacFarlane wrote a copyright-safe reimagining of "Star Trek," seemingly to tell the same story, only in the manner, he deemed more fitting. The science fiction drama stars not only MacFarlane, but Adrienne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, and Scott Grimes, to name only a few.  

As it stands, there are currently three successful seasons available on Hulu — the third season under the slightly new title of "The Orville: New Horizons" and a slightly different tone that fans weren't altogether fond of — with a fourth season potentially on the way. Should "The Orville" get renewed yet again, though, fans are hopeful that a certain character, who left long before their time, will make a triumphant return. Spoiler alert ... it's probably not going to happen. Here's what we know. 

Lieutenant Alara Kitan is dearly missed but probably won't return

In a subreddit dedicated to the series, u/MrRuebezahl posted an image of Lieutenant Alara Kitan (Halston Sage), along with a caption that read, "I really miss her. Hope we get a return or at least a cameo one day." For those unfamiliar, Alara Kitan is a character that dates all the way back to the genesis of the series, appearing in the first episode, where she was hired to be the Chief of Security on board the USS Orville. Resembling the "Star Trek" Klingon species, Alara is a Xelayan. Being an extraterrestrial, she possessed super strength and endurance, but both waned under the Earth-like gravity field under which the USS Orville functioned within. 

In the third episode of the second season, entitled "Home," Alara left the crew and returned to Xelaya, where her family awaited her. The canonical reason was so that she could regain her abilities, but even that was a discovery that came out of almost nowhere. She returned for a brief cameo later in the season's finale, entitled "The Road Not Taken," and, while the door is officially open for Sage to return as she sees fit (via Trek Movie), it's unlikely to occur. 

As noted by Creeto, Sage was in a brief relationship with Seth McFarlane. It seems that their falling out coincided with her departure from "The Orville," which suggests that the breakup did not go smoothly. While years span the gap between then and now, it's enough evidence to safely assume that both Sage and her character have chosen to stay exactly where they are — far away from the USS Orville.