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The Biggest Plot Holes In Deadpool

Deadpool has broken a lot of records since its debut and moviegoers have crowned it a huge, foul-mouthed hit. Fans have waited a long time for the "Merc with a Mouth" to be portrayed accurately on the big screen and Ryan Reynolds and crew have certainly succeeded in bringing the chimichanga-chompin' anti-hero to life in the most faithful way possible. And though we've had a lot of fun with all the frenetic violence, fourth wall breaks, and witty one-liners, we couldn't help but notice that some things didn't quite add up. So, join us as we explore some of the details in Deadpool that had us scratching our noggins.

Ajax can't feel—or can he?

Ajax was probably one of the weakest elements of Deadpool. He's not the greatest bad guy to have out there, but one could argue that most of what Wade was battling in the movie was himself, his vanity, and his inability to believe in Vanessa's love for him. Anyway, Ajax's whole thing is that his mutation burnt his nerve endings and left him unable to feel pain. After explaining that he can't feel pain, he adds that he can't feel anything at all anymore, suggesting that he's emotionally dead as well.

If he can't feel anything and supposedly has the emotional wherewithal of a piece of toast, then why does Wilson's trolling keep getting to him? The revelation of his real name gets the smirk wiped off his face real fast. He even makes it his mission to get back at the Merc by taking Vanessa hostage and threatening to kill her, wasting precious resources and men to stage a showdown at an abandoned helicarrier. Who knows, maybe Wilson just brings it out of Ajax.

Dopinder, his cousin, and a duffel bag full of guns

So Dopinder, Deadpool's de facto chauffeur who's paid exclusively with crisp high fives, got some solid advice from the Merc when it comes to love. In the beginning of the movie, Dopinder explains that the love of his life has fallen for his romantic rival, his handsome cousin Bantu. Deadpool says he should go after her and that he shouldn't discount himself just because Bantu is more attractive than he is.

Later in the movie, when Dopinder is driving Deadpool and the crew to the final battle, it's revealed that he's got Bantu tied up in the trunk of the taxi and that he plans to kill him. Sounds like a bit of Deadpool rubbed off on the mild-mannered cabbie, eh? Well, Dopinder gets into an accident when Deadpool calls him on his cell phone after realizing that he left his duffel bag full of guns and ammo in the cab. The trunk gets smashed in and Dopinder is left in the middle of an intersection with a dude tied up in his trunk and a crap-ton of weapons. So what happens to Dopinder? We're hoping he's not locked up forever, because it would be great to see him in the sequel.

Vanessa and the Great Glass Elevator

During the climax of the film, Deadpool tries to save his girlfriend Vanessa from plummeting to her squishy death off a crumbling helicarrier. He comes up with a plan on the spot and has Vanessa climb into the glass chamber that Ajax used to try to suffocate her. Now, just a few minutes before he came up with this plan, Deadpool had just been stabbed in the head with a knife. He's got fantastic regenerative abilities and all, but we think he might have still been a little loopy, because that plan was crazy.

So she slides into the great glass elevator of doom and goes flying off the deck of the helicarrier as it topples over. After the dust clears, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead unearth the chamber (with Vanessa still safely in it) from the rubble and help her out. She's got a few cuts and bruises, but is otherwise fine. Take a look at that screenshot for a second and just imagine yourself falling off that ship, tumbling inside a glass chamber. How Vanessa didn't die or at least break three out of four limbs is beyond us. Maybe she's actually a mutant like she is in the comics and metamorphed after having physical contact with Deadpool, gaining his regenerative powers?

Did the X-Force die?

It wasn't clear exactly what outfit Ajax was with in the movie and whether or not he was working with the Weapon X project. Of course, the presence of Deadpool and Ajax kind of suggest that this is the Weapon X program, but the idea is really hammered home once we witness a very quick shot of a young woman with bone spikes protruding from her body being observed by scientists in the workshop. This woman is likely the mutant Marrow, who was a part of X-Force along with Deadpool. The question is, did she and the other mutants perish in the explosion caused by Deadpool's escape? Or will we see her and some others in the sequel, being led by Cable as part of the X-Force?

What happened to the news chopper reporting on Deadpool's carnage?

In the beginning of the film, we're witnesses to Deadpool's particular brand of violence as he disrupts a bad guy convoy in search of Ajax. A lot of the action takes place on an overpass and involves plenty of dismemberment, flipping vehicles, and a bunch of bullets finding their homes in bodies of Ajax's minions. The carnage is so hardcore, in fact, that it's featured on the news show that the mutant Colossus happened to watching, prompting him to fly out to try and stop Deadpool's rampage. Now, all of the footage on the news was being shot by a helicopter hovering above the action, so wouldn't it have stuck around to see two more mutants show up? Also, if this was a huge, news-worthy incident, why weren't the police there? We're glad to see that mutants weren't exposed some more, but we're a little disappointed at the first responders.

Wade could've broken the fourth wall to save Vanessa more easily

One of the fun things about Deadpool is his ability to break the fourth wall and the fact that he knows he's in a comic book, movie, or a video game. In fact, there are a bunch of fourth wall breaks during the movie and even a scene that features a fourth wall break within a fourth wall break, to which Wilson says, "That's like, 16 walls!" He slows down time, comments during a freeze frame, speaks directly to the audience and more. Though it would've been slightly anticlimactic, couldn't he have used his fourth wall-breaking power to save Vanessa with more ease, rather than expend the energy on fighting a man who feels no pain? We're just saying that he could've moved around during a freeze frame, grabbed Vanessa and brought her to safety, and then continued beating up on Ajax.