The dark side of Deadpool you never knew about

Deadpool has been starting to rival the likes of Spider-Man and Wolverine in terms of popularity over the years. That being said, he's also one of Marvel's most complicated characters. He's not really a hero, but an insane mercenary who would like to be a hero. He also can't stop himself from acting like a maniac. Before everyone gets too comfortable with the Merc with a Mouth, learn about the dark side of Wade Wilson that you never knew about…

He's not really sure who he is

Deadpool has a pretty crazy origin. He was an ex-special forces soldier named Wade Wilson who joined the Weapon X program (the people who gave Wolverine his metal skeleton) when he found out he had cancer. He was experimented on and given a healing factor. Unfortunately, because of his cancer, Wilson is constantly 'healing' over himself, which gives him a disfigured appearance. This was his origin for a few years until his nemesis, T-Ray, claimed that he was the real Wade Wilson—Deadpool was just some murderer who stole his identity. Since Deadpool's mind is kind of broken and all over the place, he couldn't know for sure if T-Ray was telling the truth. The story where this was revealed ended ambiguously. Unfortunately, the real identity of Wade Wilson has never really been determined. Deadpool continues to use the name Wade, but he also constantly talks with the multiple voices in his head, so he isn't exactly the best source of information.

He once killed a man simply out of boredom

During the mid-2000s, Cable was given a huge power boost and started acting like he was some sort of messiah. He created a floating city called Providence, a pacifist paradise. It was open to all people, whether they be refugees, wanted criminals, or people simply looking to follow Cable's vision. Originally uninvited, Deadpool started living on the island. He was only able to arrive because of a freak accident after connecting his teleporter machine to Cable's Body-Slide device. When the corpse of a known terrorist was discovered in Providence, Deadpool offered to hunt down the man's killer, which was weird because it was Deadpool who killed him. Deadpool claimed he didn't remember doing it, but he also knew why he had done it, which shows how often his mind flip-flops. He didn't kill the man because he was a known terrorist. He did it simply because he was bored. Deadpool was kicked off Providence for this crime, but eventually returned. To this day, he hasn't faced any major consequences for this brutal murder.

His breaking of the fourth wall has some dangerous consequences

One of Deadpool's trademark features is that he seems to be aware of the fact that he's a comic book character. He's always breaking the fourth wall—usually by talking directly to the reader or making references that the other characters in the comic wouldn't get but only the reader would. While it's a fun device, it's actually caused chaos in the past.

In the alternate universe story, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool realizes that he is, in fact, a comic book character. This drives him to complete insanity, and he murders every superhero he finds simply because he no longer considers them real people. After killing every hero and villain on the planet, he begins jumping to alternate dimensions to do the same thing for parallel worlds. It's a complicated story, but the important part is that he ended up making his way to the mainstream Marvel universe in Deadpool Vs. Deadpool. The bad Deadpool was defeated, but only after he had slaughtered multiple universe's worth of people. The only difference between the bad Deadpool and real one who fought him is that the "good" Deadpool hasn't fully realized that he's a fictional character. That means the only thing preventing the destruction of the Marvel Universe is the fact the Deadpool is only mildly insane, instead of completely bonkers.

Ultimate Deadpool was basically a terrorist and murderer

Back in 2000, Marvel launched their Ultimate line of comics. This was a completely separate branch of Marvel's publishing line that basically rebooted and restarted the Marvel universe in modern times. It brought updated versions of classic characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, and countless others. While these were updated versions of the characters, they were still the same people and had the same traits for the most part. The main difference being that these characters were living in the modern era as opposed to the early '60s.

The Deadpool of the Ultimate universe, however, was drastically different. In this world, Deadpool was a violent, anti-mutant extremist. He participated in a reality show where he hunted mutants who had been kidnapped and brought to a deserted island. He wasn't doing this for money, but because he genuinely hated mutants. The Deadpool of the main Marvel Universe has his demons, but at least he mostly just fights other bad people and not innocent teenagers.

He almost caused a zombie apocalypse

There's a multidimensional threat spreading across the different Marvel Universes in the form of a zombie virus. It's able to infect superpowered beings, which creates super zombies, who typically go on to eat every living thing in their universe. The virus then spreads to a new universe, and the cycle starts again. The mainstream Marvel Universe has avoided the zombie plague on several occasions, which is obviously a good thing. The universe is still in danger, however, because of Headpool. (Stay with us.) Headpool, for those not in the know, is the disembodied, zombified head of an alternate universe's Deadpool who made his way to the mainstream Marvel universe. Instead of destroying him, Deadpool put a helicopter hat on him and teamed up with him for a bit. Sure, it was silly, but Headpool is still a zombie. Just remember: all it takes is one bite.

There's a literal evil version of him

Deadpool has one of the most powerful healing factors in the Marvel Universe. The common belief was always that as long as Deadpool doesn't die immediately, he can heal from any wound. It turns out, however, that he's even more powerful than he thought. Since he heals, Deadpool's never cared about losing an arm or leg in a fight, because a new one will grow back right away. An obsessed fan collected a bunch of Deadpool's discarded limbs, and when there were enough body parts, the healing factor kicked in and they formed into a brand new Deadpool! The problem is that this version of the character is pure evil. He's so evil (how evil is he?) he goes by the name of Evil Deadpool! Complicating matters, since he's made up of Deadpool parts, he can only be evil if the original Deadpool isn't inherently bad…but he is, kind of. So really, Evil Deadpool is just a redundant name, but at least it helps differentiate between all the different versions of him roaming around.