The Pixar movies are all connected

The Pixar Theory claims every Pixar movie is connected, starting with Brave and ending with…Brave. Apparently Boo, the adorable little girl from Monsters, Inc., discovered time travel and went back to the 14th century, becoming the witch from Brave and officially kickstarting the cycle. In between, one movie bleeds directly into the next, like the evil corporation from Up polluting Earth to the point of uninhabitability (Wall-E).

This whole idea is 100 percent garbage. It bases everything on two pieces of evidence: Pixar referencing their own films via Easter eggs, and both the Brave witch and Monsters Inc. monsters entering through wooden doors. Everything else, it fudges more than Willy Wonka would. Like, Brave connects to The Incredibles because magic from Brave's world gave people superpowers… 500 years later. That's either some slow-acting magic, or this theory died a painful death on Step One. If that's not enough, once Inside Out premiered and shattered the timeline to pieces, its author simply blogged on Movie Pilot about how this is actually part of a second Pixar timeline. It's an Earth-2 Story, apparently!

So what of The Good Dinosaur and all of Pixar's other upcoming films? Will each of those be separate timelines as well? Because we already have a term for that: "stand-alone movies."