James Bond is a code name

Eight actors have played James Bond, all in vastly different ways, so how to explain the discrepancy? Well, a very popular theory suggests each actor portrays a different person, making "James Bond" simply a code name for whatever agent earns a promotion to 007 status. As one dies, another simply assumes the alcoholic, tiny gun-wielding mantle until it's his turn to ascend to that giant baccarat table in the sky.

The second you actually pay attention to the films, you realize just how wrong this theory really is. For one, various movies reference Bond's past—particularly his marriage to the ill-fated Teresa. Even though George Lazenby's Bond married her, every Bond since also married her, because they're all the same guy. And if that wasn't enough, there's a scene in Skyfall where Bond visits the graves of his parents… who are both named Bond! So yes, it's a real name, not a fake one. As for why Bond acts differently depending on who plays him, there's an easy explanation: the man is a professional killer. Talk about a stressful job, so forgive him if some days he's Roger Moore-goofy, and others he's Timothy Dalton-psychotic.