Ferris Bueller's Day Off takes place on an actual date

One of the great mysteries of modern cinema (more or less) is what actual day Ferris Bueller and friends ditched school for a day of parading and baseball. The film never says, so some enterprising theorist at Baseball Prospectus figured it out themselves. Based on who was playing at Wrigley Field that day, the kids ditched school on June 5, 1985. Apparently, waiting two more stinking weeks for summer vacation wasn't an option.

This wildly popular theory is perhaps the most classic example of ignoring some facts and embracing others so you get to look right on Reddit. Because the other part of Bueller's day off—trespassing the Von Steuben Day parade and somehow not getting immediately hauled off to jail—didn't happen on June 5. As the National Post pointed out, the real Von Steuben parade actually occurs around Baron Friedrich von Steuben's birthday, which is September 17. So which is it, June or September? It's neither—the movie takes place on a totally made-up Hollywood composite day, with baseball players thrown in there without regard to when they actually played because it doesn't matter. Unless you're a bored blogger out to break the Internet for a day, that is.