Why Tom Hardy will blow everyone away as Venom

After loaning Spider-Man out to join the Avengers at Marvel Studios, Sony has been eager to get its own Marvel universe back on track with the other characters in its stable—and they've hired Tom Hardy to get it rolling with Venom.

Hardy is signed on to star as the title character in Sony's Venom-centric Spider-Man spinoff, which is set to shoot this fall and open October 5, 2018. The movie will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who already has a good grasp of the sci-fi genre thanks to his breakout hit Zombieland

Making a Spider-Man movie that doesn't really focus on the wall-crawler is a tall order, but we believe Hardy is the man for the job. Here's why.

He's done big sci-fi action

Hardy doesn't just bring name recognition to Venom, he also brings the chops to play big, sci-fi action. When the stars finally aligned for director George Miller to get Mad Max: Fury Road off the ground, he tapped Hardy to follow Mel Gibson in bringing Max to life. It was a tall order, but Hardy did a perfect job of capturing the quiet, action-packed intensity that made Max such a fan favorite character. The movie also featured some of the most ridiculously insane stunts ever attempted, so whatever Fleischer cooks up for Venom, Hardy should be prepared.

​He also knows how to be bad thanks to Bane

When you think of Hardy's résumé, his role as Bane in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises is likely one of the first to come to mind (especially for comics fans). Hardy joined the final installment in Nolan's Batman trilogy to play the classic DC baddie Bane, one of the most physical and menacing roles in comic movie history—a character who pushed the Dark Knight further than he's ever been pushed, and almost beat him in the end. We don't know exactly which direction they'll be taking this version of Venom, but it stands to reason he'll be somewhere between villain and anti-hero—so Hardy's experience as a straight-up comics baddie should come in handy.

He knows how to play nuance

Outside of his two biggest genre roles, Hardy has a varied career that should serve him well with whatever curveballs playing the character might call for. Hardy's had roles in everything from Sucker Punch to Inception, and took on period parts in films like Lawless and The Revenant. Heck, he's even gone the romantic comedy route in This Means War. More recently, he's been spreading his wings on the small screen in the critical hits Peaky Blinders and Taboo, and he'll be seen in a starring role in Christopher Nolan's eagerly-anticipated World War II drama Dunkirk. Clearly, Hardy should be ready for pretty much anything. 

He's big on comic book properties

He might not have been too familiar with the Batman comics beforehand, but after signing on to play Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Hardy seems to have acquired an interest in tackling films that originate on the comics pages. After his Batman gig, Hardy signed up with New Line in 2015 to produce and likely star in an adaptation of DC's Vertigo title 100 Bullets. There hasn't been much news about that film since, and you do have to wonder how Hardy's deal with Sony might affect it at this point. But regardless, Hardy certainly seems interested in comics gigs. 

​He looks a lot like Eddie Brock

Going back to his comics origin, Eddie Brock was an athlete in his younger years—and he's typically portrayed with a big build and a short fuse. Hardy might just be 5'9", but judging by the character's typical portrayal in the comics, Hardy certainly has the type of build that matches up with what comic fans would expect. Considering the only other live-action version of Eddie Brock we've ever seen came courtesy of That '70s Show alum Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3, Hardy certainly looks to be a step in the right direction.

Venom is a fascinating character

The character of Venom has a long and varied history throughout the comics canon, and even if Spider-Man doesn't pop up in this flick, there are more than enough great stories to mine going back the past few decades. The Eddie Brock incarnation has been a disgraced journalist, villain, anti-hero, villain again, and law enforcement officer. Over the past few years, the Venom symbiote has also hung out with Flash Thompson, who has served as the hero Agent Venom—and even served a stint with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while. Point being: If Sony plays its cards right, there could be a long, bright future for Venom.

He's a great starting point for a shared universe

After the Amazing Spider-Man franchise crashed and burned, the pressure is on for Sony to get it right on the next go-round with Spider-Man. Teaming up with Marvel Studios to hire Tom Holland for the rebooted role (and bring him into the MCU for Captain America: Civil War) was a masterstroke, and expectations immediately soared sky high for Holland's solo debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Sony still thinks there's potential for a Spidey-based cinematic universe, and Venom looks to be the first step. The studio is also developing a script based on Black Cat and Silver Sable. But it all starts with Venom—and Hardy could be just the man to get it off the ground.