Chris Pine confirmed as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman

You might know him as "New Kirk" from 2009's lens-flare-stravaganza Star Trek, but Chris Pine will also be appearing in the upcoming Wonder Woman film as the titular Amazon's puny human sidekick, Steve Trevor. And if there was any doubt that the film would be shooting back to Wonder Woman's original 1940s origins, ComicZeroes has tweeted the first image of Pine as Trevor, decked out in full old timey regalia. Either that, or he's in Mumford and Sons.

As far as the original DC Comics are concerned, Steve Trevor is a 1940s US Army pilot who crashes his plane on Wonder Woman's completely unsexy all-girl island, and subsequently brings Wonder Woman, aka Princess Diana, aka Diana Prince, back to boring old America. During many of Diana's early adventures, Trevor was usually the hapless man-damsel in distress, but more recent re-imaginings of Trevor have positioned him as some kind of Justice League-worthy super-spy, which is a whole load of hot New Jersey sewer trash.

Chris Pine doesn't seem like he'd play the kind of guy who gets kidnapped by every villain-du-jour, so maybe we'll be getting a hipper, tougher version of Trevor. Hollywood only recently learned, with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, that they can't make their leading heroines too powerful or else a very specific kind of male moviegoer would feel threatened, and protest by sitting at their pizza-smeared desks, pouting furiously instead of paying to see the film. So, tread carefully, Wonder Woman. You may miss out on your least-desirable demographic if you play Steve Trevor wrong.

Meanwhile, the DC Cinematic Universe continues to chug along with ever more news, as Aquaman now also has a third writer, David Leslie Johnson, writing a third possible version of the film's script. Johnson has written a few episodes of The Walking Dead and the less-than-stellar Wrath of the Titans (2012), so we know he's good at dealing with surreal, scary monsters—which is a whole lot more interesting than Aquaman's usual ongoing political struggles with his half-brother or coelacanth rights activists or whatever.

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