Horror movies banned for being too disturbing

Freedom of speech is fundamental for art—it's all about pushing boundaries and revealing truths by saying things others haven't. But the line is drawn at speech that causes harm to others, and not everyone agrees where that line is. While the United States is very liberal about the type of expression it allows in its media, other countries have different, sometimes very specific concerns.

There are a number of different ways a film can be banned, from importation restrictions to refused certifications by regulatory boards, all the way up to the rare instances when the screening or possession of a movie becomes a criminal act. Fortunately for viewers, there are so many ways around these roadblocks now that a movie being banned is more of a trivial inconvenience. 

Still, efforts to ban movies say a lot about the countries and the movies in question. As long as free expression exists, artists will push the boundaries—and so-called watchdogs will push back. These horror films were all battlegrounds for censorship, deemed too disturbing for viewers…but they managed to find their audiences anyway.