Banned commercials you won't be seeing anytime soon

Whether you love commercials or hate them, there's no denying that some can leave a lasting impression. We probably all have that one friend who still quotes the Budweiser "wussup?!" from decades ago, or keeps asking where the beef is. While a lot of great ads manage to stay on the air, there are even more that don't make the cut and end up getting banned. We're popping the lid on some of these commercials and showing you the hottest ones we could find. Just keep in mind that they might be NSFW.

Bar Refaeli's banned bikini commercial

Supermodel Bar Refaeli shot a commercial for a clothing company called Hoodies in which she ran around a beach, a beach house, and sped around on a boat while wearing various bikinis and flirting with the camera—all of which might sound great to a lot of viewers, but was too racy for the Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio in Israel. Because of the provocative content, it was deemed inappropriate for airtime before 10PM. You can watch the commercial for yourself and judge whether or not it's too steamy for primetime.

Shoot 'Em Up - Xbox 360 Commercial

It's easy to see why this video ran into problems, even though it's showcasing mock violence. Having a pretend shoot-out in the middle of a busy terminal might illustrate how easy it was to join in the fray on the Xbox 360, but it probably didn't sit well with the censors. According to GameSpot, the ad was never aired on television and was only shown at Microsoft's promotional events. Still, it's cool to see everyone unleash the kid within and use their imaginations to playfully frag everyone else.

Bud Light Skinny-dipping

This 2007 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial features a couple tossing their clothes off and then going skinny-dipping. How adventurous, right? Well, things go wrong for them when they realize that they're not completely alone and the pool they jumped into has an underwater viewing area. What started out as a fun, sexy little adventure becomes an exercise in exhibitionism and voyeurism, so you can see why this was banned. According to NBC News, this commercial never even got on the air after being rejected by the network that aired the Super Bowl.

PETA shows off vegan sex drives

In what is possibly one of the most NSFW ads on this list, PETA has offered up a look at what a vegan diet might have to offer when it comes to getting intimate. The commercial runs for 39 seconds and features a split screen starring two couples in the throes of passion. The couple with the label "Meat Eater" doesn't seem to have the stamina to keep their activities going and stops while the "Vegan" couple keeps at it. According to Fortune, this ad (entitled "Last Longer") was shot down by ad executives for being "too explicit" for television. Considering the fact that many families with children watch the Super Bowl, we're inclined to agree.

Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream ad sizzles, not fizzles

ScarJo teamed up with SodaStream for a Super Bowl ad showcasing the lovely actress and the ease of using the SodaStream device at home by simply adding water, bubbles, and the perfect flavor together to create "better for you" soda. After telling us that the soda has less sugar and helps lessen the need for more bottles, ScarJo thinks out loud about how she can make this message go viral. She decides that stripping away her robe to reveal a slinky dress and sipping on the soda while seductive music plays in the background is the way to go, but FOX disagreed. According to Entertainment Weekly, the network didn't want to air the ad because it insulted Coke and Pepsi. An edited version of the clip was ultimately broadcast, and the publicity surrounding the story ended up helping Johansson achieve her goal.

Death approaches in this Hyundai Veloster Commercial

Pretty much any commercial with disturbingly violent images is going to get banned. Take, for example, a girl getting hit by a car—which is exactly what happens in this Dutch commercial for the Hyundai Veloster that actually features Death, who's come for a soul. Pretty grim, right? David Gianatasio of Adweek said that the spot was actually shot down by Hyundai itself for being "too shocking" for their brand. Considering the fact that Death looms over the commercial, they might have made the right call.

The Toyota Rav 4 makes murderers out of this couple

Speaking of disturbingly violent images, how about this commercial from New Zealand for the Toyota Rav 4? The car is so amazing that it apparently turns husband and wife against each other in their shared quest to drive it. Their need to get behind the wheel is so great that they set cartoonish traps to try to slow the other down while they go through their morning routine. There's an explosive ending to this commercial that reminds you just how exciting married life can be. According to TVNZ, the Advertising Standards Authority upheld 17 complaints against the violent spot, some of which deemed it "not socially responsible," said it "sent an inappropriate message to children," and "would encourage similar behavior." Despite these complaints, the internet still finds it pretty entertaining.

Axe Excite causes the fall of angels

We suppose there's nothing in the Bible that supports the concept of hot, skimpily-dressed angels falling from Heaven and relinquishing their immortality to presumably hook up with a dude that wears a spray-on deodorant. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this ad was banned by South Africa's Advertising Standards Authority for "offending members of the Christian faith." We can see why they'd come to that conclusion, but we might just be more offended by the fact that they think Axe is enough to bring down angels. Still… wouldn't hurt to try, right?