The story of Dick Grayson is pretty crazy. There have been rumors of a show focusing on his circus acrobat days, but that's probably not the best direction for this character. This is a guy who grew up being trained by Batman, fighting crime alongside the Dark Knight, all the while living in a giant mansion. Eventually, he ditched the Robin persona, moved out on his own, and started from scratch. That's what this show should focus on—the period of time directly between Robin and Nightwing.

It could be like combining Felicity with Batman Begins. The difference between this origin story and others is that Grayson already has experience fighting crime. Instead of having the first season focus on him stumbling through learning the ropes, this could focus more on Dick finding his own identity. His story would be about discovering how to fight crime without Bruce Wayne's resources. Here's a spoiler: it's much harder to do anything, including fight crime, without billions of dollars.