J. Jonah Jameson

This might sound like a strange choice, but a show centered on J. Jonah Jameson could be amazing. The man owns and runs a newspaper, which borders on being a tabloid, and he hates superheroes. Unfortunately, he lives in a world full of them. Also, he's old, super cranky, and he loves to yell at people. That sounds like a hilariously entertaining combination. It would be like House, except instead of trying to cure patients, he's just being a jerk to vigilantes in brightly colored costumes. Jameson was one of the best parts of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, and he has all the trappings of a great TV character.

The show could combine all the drama of working at a newspaper (or news website, or whatever the Daily Bugle has been retconned to be these days) with surviving alien invasions and having the city occasionally taken over by madmen. Jameson is loud, angry, hilarious, but he's also intelligent and, above all, a sound newspaper man. He's Marvel's resident cranky old man and he belongs on our TVs as soon as possible.