The Last Jedi scenes you didn't see

Editing is one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of the moviemaking process, and director Rian Johnson certainly had his hands full when pulling together the final cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Clocking in at two hours and thirty-five minutes, The Last Jedi is easily the longest of the Star Wars films, yet even with that much footage making it into the final cut, there were a lot of scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor. What's more, Johnson and The Last Jedi editor Bob Ducsay have confirmed that these aren't your garden-variety deleted scenes—the cut footage contains some important moments that add to the overall story development.

Although they didn't end up making the cut for the theatrical release, Johnson has promised that fans will have some 20 minutes of deleted scenes to look forward to with the Blu-ray release. Here are all the tantalizing details we know so far about which scenes we'll be seeing soon. Spoilers ahead!


Early in The Last Jedi, fans got to see a brief reunion between Poe Dameron and Finn after the former stormtrooper woke up from his medically induced coma. The scene was mostly played for comedic effect, as Finn wanders around the ship with his medical therapy suit leaking water everywhere. But if you wanted a little more interaction between these characters before Finn takes off on his adventure with Rose, the deleted scenes should deliver the goods.

According to editor Bob Ducsay, Poe and Finn build on their bromance in a "buddy scene" where Poe brings Finn up to speed on what's happened to the Resistance since he was injured. "It's a really, really good character scene," said Ducsay. "the only reason it's not in the movie is just because of time. I really love that scene." In addition to getting more of the Poe/Finn camaraderie that we loved about The Force Awakens, it will definitely be interesting to see what Poe has to say about the Resistance's chances—and if that may factor into Finn's later decision to attempt desertion with one of the escape pods.

Hey, flyboy

Although she certainly plays an important part to the plot of The Last Jedi, we don't really learn much about Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo during the course of the film. This noticeable lack of characterization is probably due to the reshoots that director Rian Johnson decided to do with actress Laura Dern. While these reshoots didn't have a major impact on her story arc, they did effectively remove a lot of the personality that Dern (and the script) had injected into the character. Holdo originally didn't pull any punches with her total dismissal of Poe—calling him "flyboy," "honey," and just generally treating him like an insubordinate hotshot pilot (which to be fair, he totally is.)

Apparently Johnson was worried that Holdo was being a little too condescending, and wanted fans to better identify with the Admiral during her shocking sacrifice later in the film. Leia already knocked him down a couple of pegs with the demotion and that slap, so Holdo's verbal put-downs were probably overkill. They re-recorded Dern's dialogue and cut out some of the original scenes, which will hopefully make it onto the Blu-ray release.

Love triangle

One frequently criticized aspect of The Last Jedi is the sudden development of Rose as a potential new love interest for Finn. Her crush is evident almost from the moment they meet, but this dynamic was reportedly explored further in a scene that ended up getting deleted later. In this cut footage, Rose and Finn discuss Rey and his complicated feelings for her. When Rose chides Finn and suggests that he's "pining for Rey," the former First Order stormtrooper vehemently denies her accusation. Finn claims that because of his upbringing within the military structure of the First Order, he was "raised to fight," but that he had never found anything worth fighting for until Rey became his friend—emphasis on friend. "Whatever," an unconvinced (and slightly jealous) Rose replies.

Going undercover

Although Finn and Rose's storyline makes up a considerable portion of The Last Jedi's running time, Rian Johnson shot several other scenes with these two (and D.J.) that ended up getting cut. As editor Bob Ducsay explained to Collider, "it was very clear that that section of the movie was completely lopsided in favor of those three." That being said, Ducsay promised that one "fun" scene in particular contains some "really good stuff." In particular, we should get to see more footage of Finn, Rose, and D.J. as they go undercover aboard Snoke's Mega Star Destroyer. According to Johnson, "It's a full sequence of stuff with them sneaking through this big office area of the Mega Destroyer and then having to fake out these Stormtroopers." While we don't have many details yet, we do know that at least one scene will involve Finn fretting over Rose's unruly hair and the trio almost getting found out by a First Order officer that tries to join them on the elevator.

Tom Hardy's stormtrooper cameo

Speaking of elevators, apparently Tom Hardy's rumored cameo in The Last Jedi ended up on the cutting room floor—unlike the cameos of Prince William and Prince Harry. All three played First Order stormtroopers in the latest Star Wars installment, and we recently learned that Hardy had a speaking role—which will definitely end up in the deleted scenes once the Blu-ray comes out.

According to /Film, Hardy's stormtrooper has an American "southern" accent, and apparently is an acquaintance of Finn's from his First Order days. When a group of stormtroopers joins the trio on an elevator, one of them (Hardy) stares at Finn for several seconds before blurting out, "I know who you are…. FN-2187! Damn boy, I never took you for officer material!" Beyond adding some comedy relief to this tension-filled incursion behind enemy lines, Hardy's line brings up an interesting question: did Phasma and the First Order keep Finn's desertion a secret from the regular soldiers in order to prevent anyone else from getting the same idea?

Gunslinger Phasma

After the way Phasma's character was hyped (and merchandised) both before and after The Force Awakens, many fans expected her to play a larger role in The Last Jedi. Just two months before Episode VIII's release, the chrome-clad First Order captain even got her own novel to flesh out more of her backstory. Given all of this promotion, it was definitely disappointing how little screen time was devoted to Phasma and the ignoble end she meets in the film. However, diehard Phasma fans have reason to rejoice: apparently the character has an extended sequence during the capture of Rose and Finn that really shows off her ruthlessness and martial prowess.

In the deleted scene, Phasma's (apparent) death doesn't come immediately after her battle with Finn. Instead, she follows Finn and finds him cornered by several stormtroopers. Tying into the previous deleted scene mentioned (where Tom Hardy's stormtrooper seems unaware of FN-2187's desertion), Finn does his best to convince the soldiers to desert the First Order like he did. What's more, Finn also reveals that Phasma was essentially responsible for the destruction of Starkiller base. While Snoke's ship exploding all around them was likely as convincing as Finn's tale, the stormtroopers seem to be seriously considering his offer—until Phasma draws her blaster and kills the entire squad in a matter of seconds.

Luke's third lesson

If you were keeping count while watching The Last Jedi, you might've noticed that Luke never gave Rey his promised "third lesson" during her Jedi training. Johnson has promised fans that this "massive sequence" will appear in the deleted scenes when the Blu-ray drops in mid-2018. You've likely already seen one small part of it: the bit from the trailer where Rey runs at top speed across a beach on Ahch-To (which never appeared in the theatrical release).

It all begins when Rey sees a boat approaching the Caretaker village in the distance—which appears to be on fire. Luke tells Rey that bandits frequently raid the village, but a true Jedi would not intervene, because that would disrupt the natural balance of things (and cause the bandits to return in larger numbers next time). Furious, Rey dashes across the island, only to find the fishy nuns were never in any danger at all. Instead, the Caretakers (joined by Chewie and R2) are all hanging out around a festive bonfire and apparently having what passes for a rave on Ahch-To. Luke explains he was just trying to teach another lesson about the Jedi Order's antiquated values, but is shocked and shamed when a crying Rey confronts him over his deception.